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What Sites Should I Use for Online Betting?

Canadian gamblers have been overlooked by many of the main bookmaking firms for a long time. A quick look at the markets on some of the big companies’ sites will show a lack of bets focussing on traditionally Canadian sports. You may also encounter problems getting the European sites to accept bets in Canadian Dollars or money transfers from Canadian bank accounts. Thankfully, the increase in Canadian-owned betting sites and some European firms investing in dedicated sites means that there are now more options available for Canucks.

Almost all sites offer books on Sports, Casino, Poker and Slots. The range of individual markets will vary between sites, but all major sports are catered for as are the main Casino games and variations on Poker. All sites have differing odds, deposit and withdrawal limits, customer service levels and promotions. Here is a brief overview of all the main sites available. This list isn’t exhaustive and there are other online bookmakers available.

Canadian Based Sportbooks

These sites were either founded or owned by Canadians. As you would expect, they have a focus on Canadian customers and sports and are ahead of the curve on their European rivals in these areas and are Canadian betting sites in the truest sense!

Sports Interaction: Founded in 1997, this is a Canadian site which has books available on Sports, Casino, Poker and Slots. It offers 24 hour customer service and a 100% bonus on initial deposits up to a value of $100.

Bodog: One of the biggest names in sports betting, it has an excellent reputation for reliability and customer service. Another Canadian firm, it too offers a 100% bonus up to $100.

Pinnacle Sports: With a focus on sports betting, Pinnaclesports pride themselves on having the best odds available. They do not offer any welcome bonus, but this is due to having up to 60% better odds and a higher stake limit than their competitors. It is a huge firm and is particularly poular with high rollers.

Bet Online: Although based in Panama, Betonline.ag has a strong focus on Canadian Sports. It is aimed towards the more casual gambler and the 25% bonus isn’t great, but on the plus side it gives you a further 25% bonus for each subsequent deposit you make.

YouWin: YouWin boasts of being one of the most recognisable names in North American gambling. It was launched in 1996 in Canada and operates out of Malta. It is focussed on the North American markets and offers a 25% introductory bonus up to a value of $500.

European Based

These firms will be more familiar to British based gamblers having built up a reputation over many years in that country. They are now beginning to look to expand in other territories and have made their sites more Canadian-friendly through improved customer service, banking options and tentative explorations into Canadian sports.

Bet365: One of the biggest names in European online gambling, Bet365 has gained it’s reputation through the sheer volume of bets available. However, being European it does fall short in Canadian sports, but it offers a 100% bonus on deposits up to £100. Definitely one to look out for as I suspect it will not want to miss out on dominating the Canadian market as it is beginning to do in the UK.

William Hill: William Hills and Ladbrokes are probably the two most trusted and well established names in the UK gambling industry. As British as tea and crumpets, William Hill tends to rely on it’s reputation ahead of enticing new customers with special promos. It does have a decent range of markets and it’s 100% up to $200 bonus isn’t to be sniffed at. It too is lacking when it comes to Canadian sports. I also feel that their odds aren’t as generous as others such as Bet365.

Ladbrokes: Pre-Internet, Ladbrokes and William Hill had gambling sown up in the UK, but they may have fallen a bit behind the competition when it comes to online betting. Reliable, accessible and trustworthy, Ladbrokes has a lot to offer, but again it hasn’t the coverage of Canadian sports required to make an impact on that particular market. You can bet on have a bet on Chess, but there are no markets available for Canadian Football or Lacrosse. This is a shame as they consistently offer excellent promotions and a 200% bonus. Their customer service is great and offer very competitive odds.

There truly is a multitude of online betting sites out there each with their own identity and reputation. It is up to the customer to look at what all the various sites offer and to make a choice based on what suits your requirements. You may be interested in a large first deposit bonus, the best odds available, the widest range of markets or a site that is catered towards Canadian gamblers. No matter what you are looking for there will be a site out there that best suits you.

Is Online Betting Legal in Canada?

Canadian gambling laws can be somewhat confusing. If you are a resident of Canada and interested in having a bet online you may stop and ask yourself if what you are doing is legal. In 1970, legislation was passed allowing individual provinces to regulate it’s own laws on gambling. This saw a dramatic rise in the popularity of gambling with an increase in casinos and racetracks. Sports betting is subject to different rules from those that apply at casinos and at racetracks and as such it is something of a grey area.

Strictly speaking, sports betting is legal, but restricted. You are allowed to bet on three or more events in a parlay bet, but not permitted to place a bet on a single sporting event. Steps are being taken to lift this restriction, but in the meantime you can rest easy in the knowledge that there are many online betting sites where single bets are entirely legal. The reason for this loophole is geographic. While it is illegal to frequent unlicensed betting houses or for companies to operate betting sites from Canada, many firms get round this by basing their servers outside of Canada. The argument is that as the servers are outside of Canada then people playing them are not betting in Canada.

Furthermore, there are no restrictions on Canadians becoming customers of European based gambling sites so there are many legal options for Canadians to bet online. Canadians can enjoy the full range of betting options available in other countries without fear of arrest or prosecution. To date no one has ever been faced a criminal charge for betting online in Canada.