Baseball MLB Betting in Canada

While Canada is only home to one MLB team, there are passionate baseball fans spread across the country. One of the reasons why there are baseball fans everywhere in Canada is betting on baseball is fun.

As the only major sport in North America offering daily action through the summer months, there is a demand for quality MLB betting sites accepting Canadians. Luckily, for those visiting this page, we have done the research and only recommend the best places to bet on the MLB.

After reading all about betting on baseball, you might want to consider betting on the NFL, the NHL or the CFL.

Where to Bet on the MLB?

There are many sites out there accepting Canadian players and offering odds on the MLB. But we believe you should only use the best MLB betting sites. If you are looking for where to bet on baseball, we highlight some of them below, before moving on to MLB betting information.

sportsinteraction logoSportsInteraction

Canadians love to use quality Canadian products and that is why many Canadians love to use Sports Interaction to bet on MLB and Canada’s lone time – the Toronto Blue Jays. Sports Interaction offers great odds on every MLB game, plus MLB futures and MLB live betting.

Never one to be outdone, Sportsinteraction also boasts a huge range of baseball bets. It even outdoes 888sport is offering 24 bets per game as well as an extensive book on futures. In fact, it has even more betting lines than 888sport.

SportsInteraction has to have one of the most comprehensive sportsbooks out there. When you take into consideration its brilliant stats and preview section, not to mention the fully interactive nature of its site, you are looking at one of the best betting platforms available. Add to this a full live betting section and full mobile site and you are looking at something special.

Once again Canadians are well catered for when it comes to banking options and there are some tempting promos on offer exclusively for Canadian customers into the bargain. As with most sites (presumably because of TV rights), there is no live streaming available, but the wide coverage of baseball on television means this isn’t really an issue.

Sportsinteraction’s odds are sharp without being overly generous. I was very impressed by the number of markets available on 888sport, but if anything Sportsinteraction surpasses this. A truly great site for people interested in sports betting in general and baseball in particular.

Bet365 logoBet365

Bet365 may be a European-based site, but its dedication to baseball betting is impressive. You can bet on Major League Baseball, Minor League Baseball and Mexican League. There are a number of bets available per game and a healthy list of futures betting. As it is a European site, there may not be quite as many markets available as on 888sport or Sportsinteraction, but while it may not match the depth of 888sport and Sportsinteraction in the number of betting markets, it compensates for this by the generous odds and promotions available in games.

You can get a 50% bonus on multiple game parlays and a number of additional promos per game. One aspect that Bet365 does trump its North American competitors is its very impressive statistics section. Anything (and I do mean anything) you want to know can be found here. For a site that doesn’t have a great history of baseball betting, it is an incredibly detailed section. It also suggests that Bet365 is serious about expanding their baseball lines given the level of detail. The site is huge and you can guarantee they won’t want to miss out on a sportsbook as lucrative as baseball. In-play betting is also excellent and you can access their mobile betting either through an app or via their mobile site. They have every angle covered.

888 Sports logo888Sports

Where MLB futures shine is at 888Sport. The online sportsbook is full of MLB futures on just about everything imaginable for the MLB regular season, MLB playoffs, and the World Series.

888sport is a relative newcomer to baseball betting. The firm has a good reputation in the casino and poker markets and although it has had a full sportsbook since 1997, it is never been well known as a big hitter in baseball betting. It hasn’t taken 888sport long to catch up. There is a substantial list of bets available. First up, you have around a dozen markets per game. The total number of runs, the first team to score, over/under, first innings winners and first five innings are all covered.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg. The amount of future bets available on 88sport is staggering. There are over 250 individual markets to bet on. Furthermore, there is a comprehensive live betting portal as well as a handy app that is compatible with iPhone and Android. The odds on offer are competitive, but it is the sheer number of bets available that is the main attraction. 888sport seems to be really trying to invest in Canadian customers and is making a big play to attract Canucks at the moment. Canadian dollars are accepted and there are a lot of Canadian banking options available.

Other top MLB betting websites

Betway and Betzest are among the best providers of MLB Baseball odds. Remember that you can collect bonuses and promotions from all sportsbooks that you want. So, check out which are the best ones for you in terms of os bonuses, promotions, funding options, customer service, better odds and so on.

Types of MLB Bets

Canadians will find plenty of action on every Major League Baseball game during the MLB season and playoffs. We explain the types of bets available, to help you have more success when you make MLB bets.

MLB Moneylines

The top choice for sports bettors on MLB games is the moneyline. As most teams in baseball win between 40% and 60% of their games, the sport is not known for big upsets like football and basketball. With so many games within the season, baseball betting is always a hot market for online sportsbook providers.

The majority of favourites on MLB run lines open as a -120 to -200 favourite, with the home team getting a boost in the odds (although, when one of the top teams in the league travels to face a team sitting in the basement of the standings, it is common to see the road team as the favourite).

MLB Run Lines

MLB run lines are essentially a fixed 1.5 point spread on MLB games. However, unlike a traditional point spread that’s purpose is to balance the two teams, it is quite rare you will see a 1.5 run line with each team receiving the same odds (-110). Instead, run lines are used to get extra juice on a favourite or make betting on an underdog a safer wager. MLB run lines are similar to the puck lines found on National Hockey League games.

MLB Game Totals

MLB game totals also called over/under lines are bets on the total runs in a baseball. MLB game totals typically range between 7.5 and 9.0. Some games will open as low as 7.0, but anything below 7.0 is rare and game totals higher than 10.0 are also uncommon.

Odds on game totals typically open around -110 for both sides. The odds will adjust a bit in the leadup to the game as the public bets on the game.

MLB Props

MLB props encompass just about every other type of bet available on an MLB game. There are many types of MLB team props and MLB player props on every game.

A highly popular MLB prop is the five-inning betting line (a wager on what team will be leading after five innings).

Other MLB props include what team will score first, the margin of victory, and how many runs a team will score in X amount of innings. MLB player props include how many strikeouts for a pitcher or will a player hit a home run. Also, they can be head-to-head bets – will Player A or Player B have more total bases. MLB props offer a large range in odds, with the bets with more possible outcomes (winning margin or exact score) offering the highest odds.

MLB Futures

If you want to bet on what team will win the World Series, make the World Series, or win their division, you should check out MLB futures. MLB futures are a long-term bet, but the return on a correct pick pays out very handsomely. MLB futures are also available on player awards and player performances. Some of those bets include who will win the AL or NL MVP or will Player X hit over or under a certain number of home runs for the season.

MLB Live Betting

The slow grind of baseball makes it the perfect score for live betting and that is why so many online baseball betting sites shave great live betting on the MLB. MLB live betting focuses on many parts of the game, including who will score next, who will be leading after a certain number of innings, adjusted point spreads and, of course, who will win the game. MLB moneylines will sometimes close on live games if one team jumps out to an “insurmountable” lead.

MLB prop bets

MLB Betting Tips

We have some helpful MLB betting tips so you can make your MLB best bets on every game. You can use this information when betting before or during MLB games.

Selecting No Action

As starting pitching is so important when betting on baseball, online sportsbooks give bettors the option to pick “no action” on a wager. What “no action” means is if a starting pitcher is changed, then the bet is void and refunded. It is essential protection for the bettor.

Imagine picking a team to win because they send a CY Young candidate to the mound, just to have them push back that pitcher a day and bring up some random minor league to make a spot start. Even if you still think that team can somehow win, the odds you are getting are much worse than the new odds. You can re-bet on the game though once the new pitcher is announced.

Park Factor vs. Pitching

Where a game is played and who is pitching in it are two of the factors to investigate when betting on the over/under of an MLB game. Some parks are known for hitting – due to the design – and tend to favour power-hitting teams and cause flyball pitchers to struggle. Other parks are designed to be more pitcher-friendly, with lower-scoring games. Looking into the park, pitcher, and potential lineup for each team is your best strategy when betting on MLB over/unders.

Knowing the Bullpen

While knowing how good a team’s group of relief pitchers has always been important, the new rule requiring relievers to face a minimum of three batters makes knowing this even more important. This information is also great to have when live betting on the game, especially in a game where one team’s starting pitcher makes an early exit.

MLB Betting FAQs

How to bet on the MLB in Canada?

There are two ways Canadians can bet on MLB in Canada. The best way to do so is to sign up for an online sportsbook we recommend on this page. Online sportsbooks have many advantages over the other option – provincial sports betting services – as they offer better odds, more betting options, and great bonuses/promotions.

Where can I bet on the MLB?

There are two places in Canada you can bet on the MLB. They are either in person at a physical lottery retailer or by going online.

What types of bets can I make on the MLB?

There are many types of bets you can place on the MLB. The most common and popular bets are MLB moneylines and MLB game totals. Other bets you will find on the MLB are MLB run lines, MLB player and team props, and MLB futures.

Is live betting available on the MLB?

Yes, you can jump in on the action and bet live on the MLB. Popular live bets on the MLB include moneylines, adjusted run lines, total runs, and five-run lines (i.e. what team is leading after five innings).

Is betting on the MLB legal?

Yes, you can legally bet on the MLB in Canada.

What are the most popular bets on the MLB?

The most popular bets on the MLB are MLB moneylines and MLB game totals.

Can I parlay multiple MLB bets?

Yes, you can parlay many MLB bets (up to 12 on many online sportsbooks). You can also parlay different types of MLB bets or parlay MLB bets with bets on different sports.