Boxing Betting in Canada

boxing thumbnailWe are here to help Canadian bettors and sports fans make the best boxing bets possible. To do this, we provide a list of the top boxing betting sites, as well as tips and strategies to developing your boxing betting portfolio. 

Boxing Betting Sites

Boxing betting is more than just a niche sport. There is a lot of competition to be the best online sportsbook for boxing bettors. We have looked at welcome bonuses, betting markets, and even customer service quality to bring you the best boxing betting sites.


The first sportsbook on our list is the king of Canadian sportsbooks. Experienced Canadian sports bettors are sure to know Bodog. If you do not yet have an account here, it should definitely be one of your go-tos. 

There is a reason Canadian bettors trust this sportsbook by the droves. They have great betting markets that are easily accessible via their sleek website. It really is a joy to browse the wide array of boxing betting markets at this top sportsbook. 

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction, or SIA, was founded in Canada and is licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. This beloved Canadian sportsbook has been pleasing Canucks since 1997. Not only can you trust it given how long it has been around, but it is also an exciting sportsbook. 

That is because it is known for its live betting platform. They are truly experts at this, so if you enjoy betting during the actual fight, Sports Interaction is a good option for you. Sign up here for a welcome bonus on your first deposit worth up to $200.

William Hill

This may come as a surprise, but William Hill has been around since 1934. Obviously, they have not been on the internet this whole time, but you can really see the decades of experience on their current website. 

You can use the promo code “CAN500” to get a welcome matching bonus on your first deposit up to $500. William Hill is especially good for Canadian bettors on the go, as their mobile betting platform is legendary.

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Boxing Betting Tips

Once you have your sportsbook accounts up and running, you should also develop some sort of boxing betting strategy.  While these tips will be familiar to those already comfortable with betting on the NFL or MLB, it is still important to review them periodically and apply them specifically to boxing betting.

Do the Research

Whenever you are preparing for boxing betting, like any type of sports betting, you should really be well-versed. We are not just talking about the sport in general, but also the specific match, and the ins and outs of boxing betting. 

For example, it is important to know that the fight is divided into rounds. You should also know if Canelo Alvarez or Tyson Fury is likely to last many rounds so that you can place the appropriate over/under bet. There is a lot to learn beyond the basics of boxing or sports wagering. 

A good place to start is this boxing betting guide. 

Shop the Betting Lines

One of the important reasons to sign up at more than one online sportsbook is to be able to shop the lines. Each bookie will offer different boxing betting odds. Sometimes the differences in these betting markets is very tiny, but other times comparing boxing betting lines across sportsbooks can save you hundreds. 

Whether its moneylines, parlays, or over/under, this recommendation applies. There is no reason to pay more for the same bet slip when opening a sportsbook account at another site will save you the money. Over time it is like making free bets! 

Keep Your Head on Your Shoulders

Boxing can be an exciting sport. With titanic names like Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali,  and Floyd Mayweather, it is easy to get caught up in the stories, instead of focusing on the boxing betting markets and the boxing odds. 

Stick to the concrete facts in front of you. We all root for our favourite boxer, but they are sometimes the underdogs according to the boxing betting markets. Do not confuse how you want the match to end with who you really think the champ of the title match will be. 

Bankroll Management

All of these boxing betting tips still rely on one overarching strategy: bankroll management. When you manage the funds in your sports betting account strategically, you are able to know if you are really making the best bets. 

You should be doing this from your first deposit. The simplest bankroll management approach is unit-based. In this approach, you always risk the exact same amount on each and every bet. Whether betting on championship title matches or exhibitions. Whether wagering on an underdog or betting on a favorite. Always the same risk.

This provides a measuring device by which you can see how effective your strategy has been. As you make subtle changes to your strategy, you will be able to see it loud and clear in your total payouts and withdrawals. Without this, there is too much noise in the total balance of your wagers.