Formula 1 Betting Online 2021

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Formula 1 Betting – Learn more about F1 betting odds 

Founded in 1950, Formula 1 betting is the most prominent motor racing sports market in the world, especially now that many of the circuits take place outside of Europe. Notably, the Montreal Grand Prix, which is due to take place on June 13th, 2021. Formula 1 fans can find the majority of the races on TSN, RSN and ESPN. 

The popularity of F1 betting lines has meant that many of the top-tier providers are now offering a range of betting odds, including futures and prop bets on each race. The season runs from March through December when the season is concluded in Abu Dhabi. The full schedule looks like this:

F1 Calendar:

  • March 26-28th: Bahrain Grand Prix- 
  • April 16-18th: Italian Grand Prix
  • April-May 30th-2nd: Portuguese Grand Prix
  • May 7-9th: Spanish Grand Prix
  • May 20-23rd: Monaco Grand Prix
  • June 4-6th: Azerbaijan Grand Prix
  • June 11-13th: Canadian Grand Prix
  • June 25-27th: French Grand Prix
  • July 2-4th: Austrian Grand Prix
  • July 16-18th: Great Britain Grand Prix
  • July-August 30-1st: Hungary Grand Prix
  • August 27-29th: Belgian Grand Prix
  • September 3-5th: Dutch Grand Prix
  • September 10-12th: Italian Grand Prix
  • September 24-26th: Russian Grand Prix
  • October 1-3rd: Singapore Grand Prix
  • October 8-10th: Japanese Grand Prix
  • October 22-24th: American Grand Prix
  • October 29-31st: Mexican Grand Prix
  • November 5-7th: Brazilian Grand Prix
  • November 19-21st: Australian Grand Prix
  • December 3-5th: Saudi Arabian Grand Prix
  • December 10-12th: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

As online bookmaking sites continue to soar in popularity, it’s now easier than ever before to wager on your favorite drivers. Online wagering within Canada continues to be a complex issue, with Canadian gambling laws varying so much from one state to another, meaning most sites are offshore betting operations. This doesn’t stop Canadian players from enjoying F1 betting, as all of the sites we recommend allow Canadian customers to wager in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

How to bet on Formula 1

Formula 1 always offers an excellent range of odds and markets, even though there are many other popular motorsports markets in North America, the likes of NASCAR, Indycar and MotoGP to name a few. There is a great range of other motorsports betting markets available to Canadian players, but F1 betting certainly offers excellent value. In order to find value, bettors need to know how the bookies operate and what is on offer. It’s important for players to ensure they find the right sportsbooks for them and our guide to sports betting on Formula 1 will provide that information. 

What Is The Betting Line?

Formula 1 betting lines work much the same as any other betting market, the term line is a synonym of the market in this instance. When playing the Formula 1 betting odds, it’s important to know that most markets are referring to the result of each race. While there are also F1 odds for the Championship title and Constructors title too, the focus is on the moneyline for each circuit throughout the season. Oddsmakers assess the odds from upcoming races and price the drivers based on performance on the particular circuit and the current season overall. 

Formula 1 Moneyline odds

A money line wager in CFL simply refers to the result of the race, with the bettor placing a wager on who will raise the checkered flag at any particular event. Formula 1 betting markets generally only offer odds for the winner of the race, which makes them a great starting point for bettors who are new to these lines. Races are never really tied, with one car always winning by a margin of some form. As such, the outcome of any moneyline bet will always be realized by the end of the race.

Formula 1 Futures and Props

Futures markets are bets that relate to a season-long result, with the most popular futures market being the one that wins the Formula 1 Championship that season. This market will open up well before the season begins, allowing bettors to take a punt at the opening odds for that season – which quite often offer more value than the F1 odds available as the season progresses. As well as the Championship odds, there is also another great futures market, which is the Constructors championship. This title goes to the racing team that designs and maintains the best car that season. The Formula 1 teams 2021 are as follows:

  • Mercedes 
  • Alpine
  • Haas
  • McLaren
  • Alfa Romero
  • Red Bull Racing
  • Aston Martin
  • Ferrari
  • AlphaTauri
  • Williams

In terms of prop bets, they are simply wagers that don’t necessarily relate to the outcome of a particular event. For example, in F1 betting a driver may be tipped to win consecutive titles or to win the championship by a certain point in the season. Futures bets are widely available, while prop bets are a little more restricted across certain major sportsbooks. 

Formula 1 Betting Tips

At this point, our readers should be well-informed about the various betting options available when playing the F1 odds. However, they may not know how to make value bets on the top markets. Firstly, we’d advise using the odds as criteria to find out who the best-performing drivers are at that stage of the season.

Another great betting tip is to study the other drivers’ recent performances on the circuit to see if there is any pattern of performance emerging – take for example drivers racing in their home nation, as this often gives them an edge. 

There are many websites online that will list statistics regarding driver performance, as well as some news articles relating to previous races. Aside from this, there are many sites that offer this information, as well as additional tips which help you to find value in the F1 odds.

Sportsbooks for Formula 1 betting

Here at Canadian Betting Sites, we provide a comprehensive list of the best providers for Canadian Players. We have selected a couple of the very best providers for bettors to access the F1 betting odds.

sportsinteraction logoSports Interaction – Best for Statistics

Sports Interaction is one of the leading online sports betting sites available to Canadian players, and indeed around the world, offering a great range of sports betting markets. This provider has built a reputation in its community, with a great range of promotions and very competitive odds available throughout the year. 

Formula 1 betting odds are just one of many markets they provide, with a complete range of F1 futures odds to enjoy as well. The thing we wanted to mention about Sports Interaction (SIA) is the quality of their stats, previews, and betting trends, which they highlight on-site via a quick overview of recent events. The site is interactive and helps customers to get the full picture of what’s happening in F1, detailing past events and performances of the top drivers. If you want an in-depth look at Formula 1 betting, then Sports Interaction is the right place for you.

bodog canada logoBodog – Excellent Choice of Markets

Bodog remains one of the most reputable and popular sites around. The site features Formula 1 betting odds worthy of the most dedicated motorsports fan. As well as futures and unique prop betting opportunities, Bodog ensures they provide some of the most competitive odds available online. 

The site features everything you need to get the edge this season. As far as available sites for Canadian bettors go, this is really one of the best. As you’d expect from any site designed for this market, bettors will be able to gamble in Canadian Dollars (CAD), with plenty of deposit and withdrawal options available to ensure swift and safe payments. A sportsbook designer by players, for the players.