Hockey (NHL) Betting in Canada

As the most popular sport in Canada and being home to seven NHL teams, NHL betting is always in demand in high demand.  Bettors in Canada want and need information about the NHL. Whether it is the best NHL sites, the best NHL bets, or just NHL betting tips, our page is full of information to help you have fun and success wagering on the National Hockey League.

When you understand how to bet on the NHL, you might want to consider also betting on other top competitions, such as the UFC, the MLB and the CFL.

Where to Bet on the NHL?

There are many online betting sites offering Canadians NHL betting lines on the NHL. Of course, not every site is worth your time and money. If you want to bet on hockey, these are some of our picks for the best NHL betting sites.


As the first online sportsbook licensed and regulated in Canada, Sports Interaction has a grasp on the Canadian market that few, if any, can match. That means excellent odds, great promotions, live betting, and futures on the National Hockey League.

Sports Interaction underlines the qualities needed to be a great hockey site, whether it’s for live betting or the more traditional ante-post markets. All sportsbooks quote for hockey but some will be better than others so it’s a case of finding out who they are.

Firstly, we are looking for value and that comes with odds that should be competitive in any hockey betting market from the money line through to the more obscure prop bets. Check a small range of prices and you can quickly see if your bookmaker is going to be competitive. The value should then be backed up with a choice of markets from the money line through to prop bets and live betting.

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Bet365Bet365 logo offers an extensive number of markets on the NHL and is a great spot if you are looking for some live betting on NHL games.

Bet365 is big. You have so many options available, the hockey match would be over by the time you went through them all. Thankfully it is an exceptionally easy site to access and navigate. Even though it is a European based site, all the betting options available on Pinnaclesports are present. It is open to all Canadian customers and has an excellent customer service department with fast withdrawals and plenty of deposit methods available.

It offers great bonuses and promotions, none more so than it’s 50% parlay bonus. It is also one of the few sites that stream Hockey games live. This means you can watch as games progress and be on top of your next bet at all times thanks to the live betting portal. It has a great mobile betting site which is accessible either through an app or browser.

There may be a bit of frugality from Bet365 when it comes to offering generous odds. We suspect this is because being European based, Bet365 isn’t fully conversant in all aspects of the game and tends to err on the side of caution. Despite this, Bet365 is a terrific site with all the betting options you could ask for.

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888 Sports logoAnother site that is trustworthy and with a great reputation is 888sports. First up, they are very focussed on attracting Canadian customers, offering $150 in free bets on NHL. This focus continues into their customer service and banking options, where Canadians will first of all be able to speak to an advisor either via live chat or the toll-free telephone line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Their customer service representatives are multilingual and they offer a sportsbook in English and French meaning that French-Canadians need not feel left out. They are also contactable on Facebook and Twitter, the use of which can resolve problems even quicker lest the site attract negative publicity.

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Other NHL Hockey Betting Sites

The following sportsbooks operate in Canada and are very reliable: BetWay, BetZest, PowerPlay and SpinSports. They have some things in common: they work with a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, have good customer services, generous odds and teasing bonus offers and promotions.


canada betting sites types of NHL BETS

Types of NHL Bets

As the world’s top hockey league, the NHL draws eyes from all over Canada and the world. The popularity of the league means there are many types of bets available on the NHL.

NHL Moneylines

The most frequent type of bet placed on the NHL is moneylines. The NHL, like the MLB, is a hyper-competitive league, with the difference between the top and bottom teams not overtly negatable.

The competitiveness of the teams means moneylines are frequently in the range of -120 to -250 for favourites and +100 and +225 on the underdog. Moneyline odds offer better value if you bet on them with the tie option (meaning the game goes to overtime).

NHL Point Spreads

NHL point spreads, called NHL pucklines, are almost always a 1.5-goal handicap. When betting on an NHL puckline, the favourite needs to win by 1.5 goals to cover. Pucklines are used to get extra juice on the favourite when you are confident, they will win by multiple goals. The underdog on the puckline offers a smaller return but is a safer bet as they can win the goal or lose by a goal and still cover.

Pucklines make the last minutes of games exciting. When the net is empty and the favourite is leading by a goal, the chance of an empty goal is make or break on puckline wagers.

NHL Game Totals

NHL game totals or NHL over/under betting lines are a popular bet hockey on games. Most NHL over/under lines are set between 5.5 goals and 6.5 goals. The concept of NHL game totals is simple. You are betting if the two teams playing will score more or fewer goals than the line.

Using a 5.5 game total, a bet on the over hits if the two teams score six or more goals and under hits if the goal total is five or less. Game totals can also be whole numbers. For example, a game total of 6.0 can result in a push. A push means the two teams combined to score six goals. In the event of a push, your bet is refunded or voided on a parlay.

The odds on most NHL over/under lines are -110, with lines adjusting sometimes adjusting by 10 to 20 points depending on the teams and how the public is betting.

NHL Prop Betting

NHL props are a fun way to bet on NHL games. NHL props involve betting on the performance of a team or player. Some props include whether a specific player will score, how many goals a team will score, or what player will have more points.

Some props are on a single game, while others are bets over a longer period of time. These longer NHL prop bets are highly popular on the 2021 NHL restart with the tournaments for seeding offering plenty of NHL betting lines.

NHL Futures

NHL futures are bets on the outcome of the season and playoffs. The most popular future NHL sites offer is on what team will win the Stanley Cup. Other futures are available on what teams the Stanley Cup, what team will win their division, and point total over/under for the season.

NHL futures are also available for player awards. You can bet on what player will win the Art Ross, Rookie of the Year, or even unique bets such as “will a player score 60 or more goals this season.” NHL futures are long terms and odds will adjust, especially on who will win the Stanley Cup, throughout the season.

NHL Live Betting

Live betting on NHL games has grown in popularity in the last few years. Live betting always to wager on hockey games in progress, with odds and betting options adjusting as the game is played.

Live betting options available on NHL games include moneylines, game totals, puck lines, and some game props (for example what team will score the next goal). Odds on these lines consistently move as the game takes place.


canada betting sites nhl betting tips

NHL Betting Tips

To help you have more success betting on the NHL, we have some helpful NHL betting tips below. Use them to make the best bets on hockey.

Riding the Hot Goaltender

Few, if anything in hockey can lead a team to success as much as a hot goaltender. They can carry a team for a few weeks at a time and help that team reel off a string of wins. You should check the stats of each team’s goaltenders (season stats, last five-game stats, and splits against the opponent) before you bet on a game. Also, make sure the team is playing their starting goaltender and not putting their backup in.

Long Road Trips

It is not uncommon for teams in the NHL to embark on a few long road trips each season. These stretches are often the hardest parts of an NHL team’s regular season. However, these stretches also offer some of the best value when betting on the road underdog. Checking out a team’s strengths on the road, what goaltender they are starting, and how many days rest they have during the trip will help you make better bets and find a better value.

Underdog Value

Unlike the National Basketball Association or National Football League, the difference between the best and worst NHL teams is much smaller. Even the worst of the worst in the NHL still win 30-35% of their games. The fact they win so much means there is a lot of value betting on underdogs in the NHL. If you look into their splits against opponents, the injury report, and the goaltenders, you can find some great underdog to bet.

Best Sportsbooks for Betting on the NHL

It is now time to start betting on the NHL. We recommend trying one of the sportsbooks we recommend below as they accept Canadian bettors, offering amazing hockey betting odds, and are most importantly safe, reliable, and secure.

NHL Betting FAQs

How to bet on the NHL in Canada?

There are two ways to bet on the NHL in Canada – either by using a provincial sports betting service or by signing up for an online sportsbook. Online sportsbooks have multiple advantages over betting services such as Pro Line. Online sportsbooks offer better odds, allow for single bets, have great bonuses and live betting.

Where can I bet on the NHL?

On this page, we list the best NHL betting sites. The sites with the best odds, great bonuses, secure transactions, and fast payouts.

What types of bets can I make on the NHL?

There are many types of bets you can place on the NHL. The most popular pregame bets are moneylines, game totals, player props, and the puck line. You will find some of these wager types available during the game with NHL live betting. There are also NHL futures available.

Is live betting available on the NHL?

Yes, live betting is available on every NHL game.

Is betting on the NHL legal?

Yes, you can legally bet on the NHL in Canada.

What are the most popular bets on the NHL?

The most popular bet on NHL games is NHL moneylines. Due to the competitiveness of the league, moneylines offer great value on NHL games. Game totals are also very popular, while the puck line and NHL props round out the most common bets placed.

Can I parlay multiple NHL bets?

Yes, you can bet on many NHL games – up to 12 at once on some NHL sportsbook. Online sportsbooks allow for a decent amount of mixing when parlaying your NHL bets. You can also parlay NHL bets with other sports.

Hockey Betting Rules

As with any sport, you should always check for any specific betting rules that apply. Log on to your bookmaker’s site and there should be a very extensive section marked either as ‘terms and conditions’ or, more simply, ‘rules’.

Scroll through and hockey should have its own section where you can read up on any terms that need to be kept in mind. One of the more common stipulations comes with the dead heat rule which can sometimes apply to the money line bet in the event of a drawn game. Many bookmakers will simply carry the bet over into the overtime period but others may apply the dead heat ruling where a fraction of the win odds is paid out.

Check also on any rules relating to abandoned matches but in general, while there may be a lot of text to work through, it is advisable to check this section, particularly if you are going to bet on hockey on a regular basis.