Super Bowl 56 Props Best Bets

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Super Bowl 56 Props - CanadianBettingSites

As the countdown to kick off at Super Bowl 56 continues, the betting action is heating up with hundreds of available props bets covering all aspects of the big game, both on and off the gridiron.

CanadianBettingSites takes a look at some of the most popular Super Bowl 56 props bets, and where to find the best betting value. Sports bettors looking to get in on NFL action for the first time can check out our guide to NFL betting sites in Canada to learn all they need to know to get the best out of their football betting experience.

Super Bowl 56 Props
Coin Toss - Heads
Coin Toss - Tails
National Anthem - Over 1:38
National Anthem - Under 1:38
Gatorade Shower - Orange
Gatorade Shower - Clear
Gatorade Shower - Lime/Green/Yellow
Gatorade Shower - Blue
Gatorade Shower - Red
Gatorade Shower - Purple
Super Bowl MVP Mentions First - Teammates
Super Bowl MVP Mentions First - God or Jesus
Super Bowl MVP Mentions First - City
Super Bowl MVP Mentions First - Family
Super Bowl MVP Mentions First - Coach
Super Bowl MVP Mentions First - Owner
Super Bowl MVP Mentions First - None of the Above
Halftime Show Wardrobe Malfunction - Yes
Halftime Show Wardrobe Malfunction - No

Super Bowl Coin Toss

Among the most popular of all Super Bowl props bets is wagering on whether the pre-game coin toss will turn up heads or tails. The 50/50 nature of a coin toss is reflected on the Super Bowl props, where both heads and tails sport 1.95 odds, leaving up to each individual sports bettor to decide if they feel lucky. Those even odds also extend to wagering on which team will win the toss, with both the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals pegged as 1.95 bets. In addition, the team that wins the toss is pegged as a 1.95 bet to win the game.

However, winning the toss provides little guarantee of Super Bowl success. Indeed, the team that has won the toss has gone on to lose the game in each of the past seven years. That includes the Rams, who won with heads at Super Bowl 53 before going on to drop a 13-3 decision to the New England Patriots. Tails enjoys a slight historical edge, turning up 29 times in the 55-year history of the Super Bowl. However, heads has closed the gap in recent years, turning up in three of the past four editions of the big game.

The National Anthem

In recent years, a diverse array of performers have been called on to perform “The Star Spangled banner” before kick off. A year ago, Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church joined forces to turn in one of the longest performances in recent history, with their rendition clocking in at 2:17 providing a handsome payout for sports bettors taking the OVER on the Best Super Bowl LV Prop Bets.

Mickey Guyton is expected to keep things much shorter this time around, with the OVER/UNDER on the country music star’s rendition pegged at just 1:38. And if her recent performances are any indication, Guyton could challenge for the record for shortest rendition in Super Bowl history. The 38-year-old needed well under 90 second to sing the anthem at the 2021 National Memorial Day Concert,

A Star-Studded Halftime Show

The star power is not limited to the players on the gridiron on Super Sunday. The Super Bowl Halftime Show has emerged as one of the most highly anticipated musical performances of the year, and this year is no different. This year’s Halftime Show is set to feature some of America’s biggest hip hop and R&B stars including Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, and Mary J. Blige.

The OVER/UNDER on total songs to be performed is set at 10.5, with both the OVER and UNDER sporting 1.87 odds. Blige is pegged as a 3.00 favourite to open the set. And after playing a huge role at the Super Bowl on two previous occasions, Eminem makes his first Halftime Show appearance. Slim Shady is pegged as a short 3.00 bet to make his first song “Lose Yourself”. And while the odds of a wardrobe malfunction marring this year’s performance are set at a long 10.50, the odds of Snoop Dogg smoking on stage are set at an intriguing 2.10.

Best Bet: Snoop Dogg to smoke on stage (2.10)

The Gatorade Shower

Introduced by the New York Giants almost 40 years ago, the Gatorade Shower has become one of the most beloved victory celebrations in all of sports. Orange is pegged as a 2.30 favourite after being the colour of choice in five of the past 12 years, and should be a popular bet among Bengals fans.

As for fans of the Rams, that is a tougher call. The team enjoys no Gatorade Shower history in the Super Bowl. However, if team colours are any indication, the best betting value lies with lime/green/yellow, which is pegged as a 4.00 bet.

Best Bet: Orange (2.30)

Who will the Super Bowl MVP Mention First?

Super Bowl betting action does not end with the last play. Indeed, many sports bettors will be hanging on every word when the Super Bowl MVP makes his acceptance speech. This time around, the quarterbacks lead the way on the Super Bowl MVP odds. Rams’ pivot Matthew Stafford leads the way as 2.00 chalk at bet99, just ahead of Cincinnati’s Joe Burrow at 3.25.

Stafford takes his privacy seriously. But he demonstrated enormous upon his departure from Detroit, and his reputation as a family man. Both those add value to the odds of the MVP mentioning city (6.00) or family (6.50). As for Burrow, he is a devout Christian, who has never been shy about discussing his faith. As a result, “God or Jesus” is pegged as a short 3.25 bet.

Best Bet: Family (6.50)