Betting Predictions For 2022 NHL Western Conference Playoffs

Betting Predictions For 2022 NHL Western Conference Playoffs

Canada’s best sportsbooks, like SIA, have posted odds for the 2022 Western Conference champion. Here are the West teams with the best NHL odds to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals:

Who Is In The 2022 NHL Western Conference Playoffs?

The 2022 NHL Western Conference playoff picture is sort of set. We mean, we know which teams are in the postseason, but not all the first-round matchups are set quite yet. Five teams from the Central Division have advanced, but only three from the Pacific will represent. The qualifying teams are as follows:

  • Colorado Avalanche
  • Minnesota Wild
  • St. Louis Blues
  • Nashville Predators
  • Dallas Stars
  • Calgary Flames
  • Edmonton Oilers
  • Los Angeles Kings

We know Calgary and Colorado are the respective division champs. We also know the two vs. three playoff matchups — Minnesota vs. St. Louis in the Central and Edmonton vs. Los Angeles in the Pacific. But the rest? Well, we’re going to have to wait until the season finale on Friday, April 29.

Betting Advice For 2022 NHL Western Conference Postseason

As we await the first-round matchups to be set in stone, let’s give overarching betting advice for the 2022 Western Conference postseason. This will serve you not only for the first round but the entire postseason (barring a catastrophic injury to a key player):

Calgary Or Colorado?

The Eastern Conference is absolutely stacked. So much that you could make a serious case that six different teams have legit Stanley Cup title hopes. The Western Conference, though? Not even close. It lacks championship contenders asides aside from Colorado and Calgary, which raises the question: which of the two is a better bet to win the conference title?

It might be helpful to examine the regular-season series to answer that question. These two division leaders squared off three times and the Avalanche were victorious in two of them. They outscored the Flames 8-5 in the three-game series. Though two games were decided by one goal, the lone exception was a 3-0 blowout win for Colorado.

Could the two meet in the Western Conference finals? Realistically, they should, but this is playoff hockey we’re talking about and anything can happen. Plus, for what it’s worth, neither the Avs nor Flames have been trustworthy in the playoffs in the past two decades. Colorado hasn’t advanced past the second round since 2002, while Calgary is hardly better, doing it last in 2004.

But still, you almost have to bet on one to win the conference given their season-long dominance. If you can only wager with one, then let it be Colorado. More than anything, we love their balance, evident by their league rankings — goals scored (third), goals allowed (seventh), and goal/differential (second). Injuries have held them back from reaching their full potential (but still have the second-best record in the league), but are mostly healthy now. Simply put, the West is the Avalanche’s to lose.

Ride The Blues’ Momentum

Surely by now, you know postseason success sometimes comes down to “getting hot at the right time.” We’ve seen it over and over again: teams that enter the playoffs scorching-hot stay on fire and make noise in the playoffs. If there’s a team that fits that bill in the West, it’s without question St. Louis.

Get this, since March 28, the Blues are 14-1-2. That included a 16-game point streak, which was an all-time franchise record. The streak was just ended by Colorado (another reason why we’re taking them to win the conference). But regardless, St. Louis is playing with uber confidence right now — the type of confidence you want to align yourself with whilst betting.

As we said earlier, the Blues draw a first-round meeting with the Wild. We’d bet on St. Louis to take that series — just as they did in the regular season. The Blues won all three meetings this season, two of which came in overtime. A possible second-round matchup with the Avalanche would be difficult to win out, but heck, St. Louis could make it a competitive series. Either way, we’ll be betting a lot of the Blues moneylines come postseason time.

How To Bet On 2022 NHL Western Conference Playoffs

It’s no secret that the NHL playoffs blow every other postseason out of the water. Upsets are common and games are never over til the final horn sounds. So bettors brace yourself for the months ahead. To stay on top of all the 2022 Western Conference playoff bets, you’ll need to become friendly with one of the NHL betting sites listed below. These are Canada’s best NHL betting sites — by a longshot.

As a general word of advice: stay on your toes at all times when wagering on the NHL postseason. Sure, we vouched for Colorado and St. Louis above, but if they struggle mightily, don’t be afraid to second-guess yourself. Momentum is everything come playoff time and while these two teams enter the postseason with an abundance of it, things can change — and change fast too. In other words, get ready to “roll with the punches.”