Online Gambling in America

In recent months, the United States of America has taken a softer approach to the question of gambling. In May 2018, the US Supreme Court overturned the earlier PASPA ruling that had effectively outlawed any sports betting across the country.

Rules are starting to be relaxed in terms of online betting too and while we are some way away from total acceptance around the nation, the landscape is starting to become a little more relaxed. Here then is the current picture in terms of online gambling in America at the end of 2019.

Online Betting

States Accepting Betting

In terms of legalised online betting, the position in the US varies greatly from state to state. We’ve come to identify Nevada as a hub for gambling with Las Vegas as its beating heart and, while they feature again in an online round up, the state hasn’t embraced every aspect of the online sector.

The position at the time of writing is as follows:

States that accept online CASINO gambling
NevadaNew JerseyDelaware
States that accept online POKER gambling
New JerseyDelaware
States that accept online SPORTS BETTING
NevadaNew JerseyWest VirginiaPennsylvaniaIowaIndiana

By the time you come to read this, Pennsylvania may have also joined in with regards to both casino gambling and poker play. The state has already opened its doors to sports betting and by the end of 2019, we should be able to add their name to these lists. More may follow but that is the position right now.

Mobile Betting Begins in Indiana

The newest name on any of the above lists is that of Indiana. At the start of October 2019, it was announced that the state had welcomed in sports betting and that services would be fully accessible via mobile devices.

The motion was put forward in August 2019 and ratified the following month. The mobile aspect is a very important factor here because it opens up sports betting while in Indiana state. Providing players meet other requirements including the minimum age stipulation, they can place bets even if they are just passing through Indiana.

This could be the start of a completely new era and it will be fascinating to see if other states around the US follow Indiana’s lead.

Gambling Games

We’ve now learned a little about the gambling landscape in the United States but what games can be played in those regions where the practise is allowed?

Online Casino

Online casino games mirror the classic options that you can find on the Las Vegas strip or at any bricks and mortar establishment across the world. Roulette is a big favorite among players and along with the American variant of the game, you can also enjoy French and European versions.

Blackjack is also hugely popular along with Baccarat and certain other card games. Craps can also be found in places while every online casino also provides options such as Wheel of Fortune or other options that are unique to their rooms.

But perhaps the biggest success for online casinos lie with slot machines. There are dozens of developers and literally thousands of different, themed games to choose from.

Online Poker

Poker is so popular that most casinos give it a separate room – away from the main rooms. As it is in the real world, digital casino players tend to have a preference for Texas Hold’Em but there is plenty of choice here too.

Omaha and Seven Card stud are among the popular online variants while many casinos offer poker games where it’s a simple battle of player versus dealer. Caribbean Stud and Three Card Poker are common examples of games where no other opponents exist beyond the dealer and yourself.

So, whatever your preferred style of poker play might be, the online casinos that are supplying American customers are certainly providing plenty of choice.

FAQ for US Bettors

The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that bettors in the United States have posed.

Is Gambling Online Legal in the United States?

As we have seen, there are a number of States within the US where gambling is legal. Providing that you are of legal gambling age (21) and have documents to verify this, you can access the gambling services of any operator that accepts customers from the United States.

We would reiterate that is you are not resident in any of the above named states where gambling has been legalised, you should not be attempting to access online betting. It is currently an illegal practise across much of the country and you will be committing an offense.

What do I pay attention to when choosing a gambling site?

We would firstly suggest that you make sure that the gambling site in question accepts customers from the United States. If it doesn’t, you are likely to be blocked from completing the registration process but it will save a lot of time if you can establish the point before going ahead.

Once you are certain that the gambling site is happy to accept US customers, you should then check for their licensing information along with details on how they keep you secure when playing and carrying out transactions online.

All of this information should be clearly shown at the bottom of the homepage. If some of the detail is missing, we suggest clicking on the About Us button to find out more. Once you have established all of the information regarding trust and accessibility, you can move on.

As a final point to note in this section, you may want to check on whether you can set the website to show American odds and whether you can fund and play in US Dollars. This may not be an essential ‘deal breaker’ but it does help to have a level of flexibility.

How do I register with a gambling site?

The exact registration process will differ depending on which website you use but they will all follow a similar formula. The first step will involve keying in some personal details so expect to type in your name and address together with some contact information.

From there, you can choose your settings such as a username and, if there is the option to set your default currency to $ USD, it will come at this stage.

Finally, the most important stage of the registration process involves verification. You will need to provide ID in order to confirm your age and your eligibility to access gambling services in your designated state. Expect to scan any documents and to send these over via customer support.

Overall, while the process is a comprehensive one, it is also very simple to follow and can often be completed in just a few minutes.

How do deposits and withdrawals work with a gambling site and are there any limits?

Once again, the answer to this question will vary slightly depending on which bookmaker, casino or poker site that you are using. However, as a general rule, you can expect to see some limits placed on the amount that you can deposit or withdraw at any specific time.

Full details of the exact limits imposed can be found on the payment section of the site or, it may be contained under Frequently Asked Questions. If you still can’t locate this information, simply fire over a query to customer services.

As for the process by which funding takes place, when you first sign up with an operator there will be an option marked ‘deposit’. Follow the simple instructions, choose your preferred method and the amount you wish to add and then click confirm. Once you have money in your account, the withdrawal process will be identical.

Please note that as part of their overall dedication to keeping you safe and secure online, operators should not share any of your payment details with third parties.

Can I gamble through mobile phone and tablet?

In general, the answer to this question is yes. We’ve already seen how Indiana is opening up to mobile betting and it’s likely that other states will follow suit. Once again, this is an area where the exact answer is in the hands of the specific state but you should be able to gamble through your mobile phone and tablet.

If you’re looking for an app to use, check that the operator provides one and then read about the pros and cons in the following section..

What are the pros and cons of using a mobile betting app?

There are very few, if any, downsides to using a mobile betting app. Perhaps the only real issue relates to space and whether or not you have enough room to have an extra app on your device. If not, you can access the mobile website of the operator in question or you can consider deleting any other unwanted apps that you might have.

With all of the plus points involved, it is tough to find any negatives. As for those positives, an app gives you more flexibility, it is quick to use and easy to locate on your device. Speed and simplicity is the key and if you are looking to bet on mobile, the app is the way to go.