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Grammy Awards Best Bets March Update

Welcome To The Grammy Awards Best Bets

The Grammy Awards do not take place until April 3rd from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. One of the more fun races could be “Best Country Album”. It is why we have a few Best Bets for this award as there may be more than just one lens err way to look at this.

CanadianBettingSites takes a look at all the best bets ahead of the 64th annual Grammy Awards. Entertainment bettors looking to get in on the action for the first time can examine the top online sportsbook reviews to research as much as possible. Below is the latest betting table for Best Country Album.

Best Country Albumbet99sportsinteraction
Chris Stapleton - Starting Over2.002.00
Sturgill Simpson - Ballad Of Dood And Juanita4.004.00
Mickey Guyton - Remember Her Name5.005.00
Brothers Osborne - Skeletons8.008.00
Lambert Randall & Ingram - The Mafia Tapes11.0011.00

Grammy Awards Best Bets – Best Country Album

Now, the Grammy Awards Best Bets are a little wide open this year is due to the quality of Best Country Album. Our table lists the five-album nominees to take home the award.

A little history and looking back never hurts. Now, let’s take a quick look at a few country albums.

Grammy Awards Best Bets Fav – Best Country Album – Starting Over

Could the Chris Stapleton album win for Best Country Album? Starting Over is still reaping the awards and nominations. All joking aside, Starting Over has already won a CMA for best album, song, and single for the powerhouse country artist.

The album offers more than just the standard country songs. It comes in at a robust 14 songs and 54 minutes of non-stop music. Also, this nomination is for music that came out two years ago. This will throw some off because of the pandemic.

Again, the song itself eases people into an album that hits home for so many reasons. That county mix may just be what wins it the award for Best Country Album. There is little debate here as far as a nomination. Stapleton simply nailed it here. “Starting Over” starts with an anthem then delves into a variety of avenues that gets the feet stomping often.

The album also offers a nice touch with “Nashville, TN”. It’s a very nice end to a group of songs that show some versatility, balance, and something a bit different. Again, country can be an acquired taste but Chris Stapleton exudes something in his voice and message. It resonates in everything he does. That explains why Starting Over truly has been worth all the accolades bestowed upon it. The album is not an overwhelming favourite but it’s a two-album race at this point.


Starting Over to win the Grammy for Best Country Album

With a likely Grammy, that's an awards sweep for Stapleton



Mickey Guyton’s – Remember Her Name

Remember Her Name is one of the best bets that has rose upward for Best Country Album. Mickey Guyton’s long-awaited debut album has a feeling of relating so close to her life. She is one, powerful singer with a message that hits country plus just that “little bit more”. Also, Guyton is the first Black woman to get nominated for this reformulated category since its 1994 reincarnation.

While the first song is a hair under three minutes, it carries the weight of the entire album. Guyton hits with an amazing first song (The Title Track) and then 15 more songs. This record comes in at a little less than 51 minutes and has some fast, country pace mixed in with the slow. The energetic feel builds as the songs roll along. Mickey Guyton’s perseverance and defiance resonates over the at times “country pop blandness” when it comes to some of the production.

The album’s voice is what makes it a must-listen many times over. It is why Mickey Guyton could surprise and win the award for Best Country Album next month.


Remember Her Name to win the Grammy for Best Country Album

This may be a great hedge to take home the award.



How About A Couple More Nominations For Best Country Album?

Though Skeletons is intriguing, one of the more catchy albums has to be The Mafia Tapes. Both albums have pluses that more than warranted nominations. However, there is just something about “The Mafia Tapes”.

The “Best Country Album” category gets spun on its head from this gem. Miranda Lambert takes a number of risks and does not fall flat at all. As a matter of fact, she thrives as her voice comes across in a completely different way. If one listened to the album blindly, they may not know Lambert is even singing.

“The Mafia Tapes” is our long shot Best Bet for Best Country Album. It may not be a Grammy Awards Best Bet but in another year, it would be.


The Mafia Tapes to win Best Country Album

The Mafia Tapes could be the film that comes out of nowhere.



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Best Bets: Starting Over at 2.00, Remember Her Name at 5.00.

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