Oscars Best Bets – The Best Picture Race

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Oscars Best Bets for 2022

Welcome To The Oscars Best Bets

The Oscars do not take place until March 27th from the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California. One of the most wide open races will be for “Best Picture”. It is why we have a few Best Bets for this award as there may be more than a single way to look at this.

CanadianBettingSites takes a look at all the best bets ahead of the 94th annual Oscars Awards. Entertainment bettors looking to get in on the action for the first time can examine the best online sportsbook reviews to research as much as possible. Below is the latest betting table for Best Picture.

Oscars Best Picture OddsSports InteractionBet99
Power Of The Dog7.507.00
West Side Story8.509.00
Licorice Pizza9.0010.00
King Richard10.0010.00

Oscars Best Bets – Best Picture

What makes the Oscars Best Bets so wide open this year is the number of nominees for Best Picture. Our table lists the six most likely films to take home the statue. The reality is that there were a total of ten pictures nominated for the prestigious award. That is a lot in the cinema department and more than a whole day and night of watching movies.

This is what spreads out the field and there is always a time and place to argue about snubs. All one can do is look at the films that got nominated at this point.

Oscars Best Bets Fav – Best Picture – The Power Of The Dog

Could the Jane Campion-directed film win the Oscar for Best Picture? The Power Of The Dog is a sweeping Western based on the 1967 book by Thomas Savage. The film led the way in nominations with 12. Campion already won the Silver Lion from the Venice International Film Festival along with Best Picture. The Power Of The Dog also won a Golden Globe for Best Picture as well.

The film is not like most Western epics. It comes in at 126 minutes which surprises people. The other thing that raised eyebrows was the sweep of nominations from best actor and actress to best supporting actor and actress. It is an epic story full of money, greed, alcoholism, and in the end, death. It is not a happy ending but more a peaceful one.

Again, the story has more of the look of an art film than a Western at times and vice versa. That hybrid mix may just be what wins it the award for Best Picture. Some debate the merits of the nomination but little doubt the acting and directing of the film. It sparks a discourse surely which makes it a polarizing favourite.

The film spins a tale that is not what a stereotypical Western is yet spawned an ending that is more sombre than grand. For that, put a small wager on this Netflix movie for Best Picture.

Sports Interaction

The Power Of The Dog to win the Oscar for Best Picture

Expect the film to win more Oscars as well



Oscars Best Bets – Belfast

Belfast is another one of the best bets that top the upper half of the betting table for Best Picture. The Kenneth Brannagh written film has a semi-autobiograpical feel to it. Belfast is set to the tumult of Northern Ireland in the late 1960s. It is a true coming-of-age movie.

While the film is only 97 minutes, it carries the weight of a longer picture. Belfast has its tender and funny moments all mixed in. The 1969 riots in Belfast are often referred to as “The Troubles”. It was a time of much turmoil and angst. The fighting between Protestants and Catholics figured heavily in this time. For example, when Buddy’s father is offered a job in England, the movie inevitably spills into an inevitable ending.

This movie has the forlorn love of a time go by in many ways. From the era to the conflict to the move to England, “Belfast” has many of the elements needed in a Best Picture nomination. It is one of Oscar’s Best Bets and worth again a small wager.


Belfast to win the Oscar for Best Picture

A hedge bet to take home the statue.



How About A Couple More Films For Best Picture?

Though West Side Story could still win, one of the more intriguing films has to be Dune. Dune and West Side Story have completely different attributes that make them attractive picks to disturb the apple cart and potentially win.

It is why a win for Dune is difficult. Typically, a director is at least given a nod for “Best Director” for a film that triumphs in the “Best Picture” category. The epic film is very little like the movie from almost 40 years ago. It sticks more to the original book.

West Side Story will get more buzz for Best Picture but Dune is our long shot Best Bet for Best Picture.  


Dune to win Best Picture

Dune could be the film that comes out of nowhere.



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Best Bets: The Power Of The Dog at 7.50, Belfast at 9.00.

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