2021 Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix Picks and Racing Futures Bets

It was a long, long winter, but the world’s premier auto racing championship is finally back. The 2021 FIA Formula 1 World Championship begins this weekend in the Persian Gulf, with four-time defending world champion Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes out to make the strongest of strong statements in defense of their respective titles. A crowded field of the world’s very best drivers has surely been champing at the bit all offseason long to get another crack at the British superstar — and with that in mind, it’s time for CanadianBettingSites to roll through the very best Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix picks, plus futures bets for the 2021 campaign including drivers’ and constructors’ world champions.

2021 Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix Picks and Racing Futures Bets

2021 F1 Bahrain GP: Outright Winner Picks

Last year, polesitter Hamilton outfoxed Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen for a tight victory at the Bahrain International Circuit. With an official time of 2:59:47.515, itΒ was the world champ’s second in a row and fourth overall.

In fact, 2016 was the last year a driver not named Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel won the race formally known as the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix.

This time around, many oddsmakers are giving the slightest of slight edges to Verstappen, the 23-year-old phenom who won 2020’s season-ender in Abu Dhabi and finished third overall in the championship standings. The Honda wheelman could have an additional edge to rely on, too: Mercedes’ cars have reportedly been experiencing rear-end troubles in the run-up to race week that has thrown off their balance on the track.

And as of this writing, they’re not entirely sure why.

While there’s still time for Mercedes to cure what ails them, Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas’ loss would certainly Verstappen and Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez’s gain. If stability issues continue to plague the Daimler boys, Red Bull ought to be considered a healthy favourite to storm the winner’s circle.

But any chance to pick Hamilton as anything other than an odds-on favourite is too great of an opportunity to pass up.

Pick Lewis Hamilton (2.75) to open the 2021 F1 campaign with a victory at the Bahrain Grand Prix. A $20 bet cashes out for $55 at 888Sport.

Looking for a sneakier pick that presents a far bigger potential payout value? Well, look no further than Perez. While Verstappen is getting better by the day and is only scratching the surface of what he’s capable of — to say nothing of the fact that he nearly won the thing a year ago — he’s not all that special at the current odds. His Red Bull teammate, meanwhile, finished fourth in the world championship standings last year. That’s not too shabby.

And Perez has won in Bahrain before. Remember last year’s Sakhir Grand Prix? Checo won the thing by more than 10 seconds.

For a dark horse pick, take a long, hard look at Sergio Perez (9.00). A $20 wager pays out an excellent $180 at Spin Palace Sports.

Bahrain GP: Odds to Win888SportSports InteractionSpin Palace SportsBetOnline10Bet
Max Verstappen2.502.622.502.502.50
Lewis Hamilton2.752.602.602.652.60
Valtteri Bottas6.005.506.005.506.00
Sergio Perez8.
Daniel Ricciardo29.0026.0029.0026.0029.00
Lando Norris41.0034.0041.0034.0041.00
Pierre Gasly51.0051.0051.0051.0051.00
Charles Leclerc61.0067.0067.0067.0067.00
Sebastian Vettel61.0051.0067.0051.0067.00
Lance Stroll81.0067.0067.0067.0067.00

Bahrain GP 2021: Top-three Finish Picks

So, who’s joining Sir Lewis in the top three once the chequered flag is done waving?

Verstappen is harder to ignore when framing things in this way, that’s for sure. Before too long, we may end up anointing him as the true, long-term successor to Hamilton at the top of the F1 heap. He’s a great bet to make our cut.

Who, then, gets spot No. 3? Perez is a fine option, But the betting value he offers isn’t as enticing as one might like. Let’s look deeper. There is a driver out there who finished seventh at the Bahrain GP and fifth at the Sakhir GP in 2020, a dual distinction bested only Carlos Sainz Jr.

That would be Daniel Ricciardo, the man who recently replaced Saenz at McLaren. And the odds are tasty.

So, for bettors looking to pick the best possible trio of straight bets for top-three finishes, there’s one way forward that stands above the others. In no particular order:

  • Lewis Hamilton. A winning $20 ticket redeems at top sportsbooks for $25.
  • Max Verstappen.Β A $20 bet likewise cashes out for $25.
  • Daniel Ricciardo. Wagering $20 results in an excellent $80 payout.
  • A $20 parlay bet featuring these three drivers hits for a terrific $105.

2021 Formula 1 Drivers’ Championship

Given that the 2021 Championship hasn’t actually begun yet, is it too early to start handicapping which driver is going to win the whole darn thing? Not at all. It’s a foregone conclusion that a small handful of elites have that extra touch of class to compete for the world title, and the unanimous betting favourite is the most elite of them all.

The exercise comes down to this: Can you find, perhaps under a rock or wedged between the sofa cushions, a reason to pick against Hamilton? Nobody becomes a champ by accident in an organization like Formula 1; to win it seven times, including for in a row and six of the last seven on the trot by the age of 35 is something incredible. Something historic.

It’s worth noting that Max Verstappen is now the same age that Hamilton was when he won his first world title way back in 2008. This kid will be an F1 world champion one day.

It just won’t be in 2021.

The same goes for their respective teammates, Bottas and Perez. Don’t overthink this one. Just don’t.

Pick Lewis Hamilton (1.50) to win the 2021 F1 Drivers’ Championship. A winning $20 ticket redeems for $30 at Betway.

F1 Constructors’ Championship 2021

Don’t be disappointed by the lack of suspense, folks. In the race to win the 2021 World Constructors’ Championship, you’re getting two for the price of one. Are you willing to bet against neither Hamilton nor Valtteri Bottas winning the Drivers’ crown?

No. No, you are not.

It’s as simple as that.

Pick Mercedes (1.29) to win the 2021 F1 Constructors’ Championship. A $20 bet cashes out for $25.71 at BetOnline.