Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Fight Picks

Notice! Actual odds are subject to change and are correct as displayed only at the time of publishing: 12:01 AM 04.06.2021.

The perils of 2020 threw up into the air what was supposed to be a traditionally bang-bang calendar of fights across the world of boxing. Fortunately, necessity is the mother of pugilistic invention, and we closed out the year with not just a cavalry charge of exciting world championship bouts, but a surprising slate of oddities, curiosities, and spectacles featuring iconic old-timers, YouTubers, and one very unfortunate ex-NBA player.

Yes, we learned that viral video brothers Logan and Jake Paul have an audience that will pay money — even if simply out of morbid curiosity — to watch them lace up the gloves and throw hands, and that momentum has carried right on into 2021. Whether you’re ready or not, it’s time for CanadianBettingSites to roll through the best Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul fight picks and prop bets ahead of their rescheduled exhibition bout on June 6, including outright winner, total rounds, first knockdown, and more.

mayweather vs paul betting picks

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Logan Paul

Floyd Mayweather is 44 years old and hasn’t boxed in any organized capacity since a laughable exhibition “win” two years ago against young kickboxing champ Tenshin Nasukawa that barely lasted two minutes.

That said, he’s a former five-division world champion who retired with a perfect 50-0 professional record and arguably the best defensive skills in the history of boxing.

Logan Paul, meanwhile, has fought exactly once as a pro. Despite his youth, a six-inch height advantage, four-inch reach advantage, and weight advantage that could be as much as 40 or even 50 pounds, depending on how the official rules for the event are nailed down, this fight is going to be over before it starts. A YouTube kid ain’t touching up Money.

Not even a little bit.

Floyd’s winning this thing, and he’s going to run circles around Logan on his way to do it.

Pick Mayweather (1.14) to beat Paul resoundingly. A $20 bet cashes out for $22.86 at MyBookie.

Mayweather vs Paul: Odds to WinBetOnlineMyBookie
Floyd Mayweather Jr.1.051.14
Logan Paul10.003.75

Best Logan Paul Upset Odds Vs Floyd Mayweather

Sometimes, you find a needle in a haystack. But Logan Paul beating Floyd Mayweather? That’s more like finding a needle in the Pacific Ocean. But if you’re on a hard-charging contrarian streak and absolutely cannot resist swinging for the fences on the underdog, there’s some reasonably spectacular value to be found out there, just in case Paul lands that one lucky shot.

(Also, not for nothing: We have no way of knowing how the relevant sanctioning bodies will “judge” this exhibition fight. Don’t be surprised if it ends up feeling a bit like funny business.)

If Logan (10.00) is your guy and you cannot be convinced otherwise, a $20 wager at BetOnline pays out an outstanding $200.

Will The Mayweather Vs Paul Fight Go The Distance?

Here’s where things start to get reeeaaally interesting for boxing bettors. With the rules for this exhibition still being determined, you’d be hard-pressed to find a sportsbook offering an over/under on total rounds — but that doesn’t preclude us from asking whether or not this fight will go the distance, even if we don’t exactly know how long “the distance” really is.

Be smart about this. Mayweather wouldn’t take a fight against a controversial whippersnapper with nearly zero boxing experience unless it was for the sake of a titanic spectacle sure to shower him in something in the neighbourhood of a nine-figure sum. He’s not going to park the bus and play defence all night long as he did with increasing frequency down the backstretch of his record-setting career. Rather than put forth the negative style that saw him sleepwalk to a paint-by-numbers victory against Manny Pacquiao in 2015, expect to see something much closer to the outrageous Nasukawa knockout, or perhaps 2017’s Round 10 TKO win over Conor McGregor.

Pick this fight to end before it has a chance to go the distance (2.35). A winning $20 ticket will redeem for $27.00 at BetOnline.

Who Will Be The First Fighter To Bleed?

Now we’re talking! Given Mayweather’s historic ability to avoid getting hit via his enviable footwork, anticipation, head movement, and all-around ring IQ, the question isn’t whether young Logan will be able to draw blood; rather, it’s whether he’ll be able to land a single power punch on Money at all. Even at 44 years of age, there are zero reasons to expect that the notoriously dedicated Mayweather will show up in lacklustre physical shape. With that in mind, a four-inch reach advantage won’t nearly be enough for the overmatched challenger.

With that in mind, don’t overanalyze this one. If blood is to be spilled, it will be by the Hall of Famer’s hand.

Bet on Paul to be the first fighter to bleed. A $20 bet at BetOnline cashes out for $24.

Will Logan Paul Be Knocked Down?

Once again, it’s worth wrapping one’s head around why an all-time superstar like Mayweather would even agree to a seemingly preposterous event like this in the first place. He doesn’t need the money, even though he’s sure to be guaranteed an absolute ton of it just for showing up. He doesn’t need another win; he’s already a perfectly round 50-0, and this bout won’t even factor into his professional record anyway. No, he’s in this game for different reasons.

After an extended layoff following what was supposed to be his third and final retirement, Mayweather has an opportunity to reintroduce himself to his existing fans and make a dramatic impression with a whole generation of new ones. That means he won’t be resting on his back foot and relying on a yawn-inducing stick-and-move game plan. When the opening reveals itself — and given the quality of his opponent, it might be as wide as the Grand Canyon — he won’t pass up the opportunity to wallop Paul and sent him crashing down to the canvas.

At least once.

Pick Pretty Boy Floyd to score a knockdown against Paul. Wagering $20 stands to pay out as much as $30 at top sportsbooks.