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Team Germany Goes For Another Gold In Olympic Luge

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The German relay team will look for their third straight gold medal in the Olympic Luge team relay. Later this week will be when the final runs take place. Now, the four person team is not the only heavy favorite. Look toward the Men’s Doubles for an even more lopsided favourite as Toni Eggert and Sascha Benecken rule the roost. Can anyone other than the German top pair snatch the gold medal?

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Olympic Luge OddsSports InteractionBet99
Team Event
Men's Doubles Event
Women's Singles Event
Natalie Geisenberger2.272.15
Julia Taubitz3.974.00
Madeleine Egle4.685.00
Anna Berreiter8.018.00
Tatiana Ivanova13.0014.00
Lisa Schulte14.0015.00

Olympic Team Relay Luge

Team Germany comes in as the top and dominant team in Olympic Relay Luge. Everyone knows this. Can Austria or Latvia mount a challenge? That is the big question. Germany is going for their third consecutive gold medal. In Pyongyang, it was another dominant effort as the four-person group brought home the gold to Berlin. They have the experience and gumption to do it once again.

This is the type of chatter most keep hearing when it comes to the team relay event. Early leadups to the Olympics have shown the German squad to be the dominant team. Austria is expected to come close and they did shock Germany last January at the World Championship. This set off Julia Taubitz and company to perform at an even higher level. Latvia will be a likely medal contender but has consistently finished behind Germany and Austria.

Could Natalie Geisenberger win a third consecutive gold medal at this event? Her and Taubitz are two of the fastest women’s sliders this season and that could be the difference once again for Germany. That is the key here. Germany has two of the top two-man Lugers as well. It is almost an embarrassment of riches. There is not much doubt here barring something unforeseen that the winners will be drinking from das boot one more time. Take Germany to win the gold once again. 


Germany to win gold in mixed team relay luge

Expect the team from Berlin to win their third straight gold medal



Men’s Doubles Luge – Germany Dominant Again

Momentum is something this time of year and Germany became dominant again at the right time. Toni Eggert and. Sascha Benecken surged their way to another overall World Cup Title. They snatched the overall with a win in the last race of the season. They are peaking at the right time. Some of their runs were at or exceeding Olympic Record level.

While that is their sixth World Cup title, Eggert and Benecken have been shadowed by fellow Germans Wendl and Arlt. The Tobias’s have won the last two gold medals where it counts — the Olympics. As many have opined, Olympic Luge can be a weird animal. The two teams have traded the top spots for what feels like a decade now. In a battle of nerves, it does come down to the old reliable pair when it comes to the Olympics. Wendl and Arlt excel in closing the deal in the fourth and final run.

This is where it may be wise to strive for the upset. The 34-year old Tobias’s were in this exact position four years ago. It will not be easy but again figure this to come down to that final run for gold. No one has a better starting push and finish that those old, pesky Germans.

Sports Interaction

Wendl and Arlt to win gold in men's doubles Olympic luge

Expect the Tobias's to win yet another gold medal this time in Beijing.



Olympic Women’s Singles Luge – More Germany Dominance

Germany expects to continue their dominance at the Olympic Women’s Singles Luge. Julia Taubitz and Natalie Geisenberger will battle once again this time in the Olympics. The younger Taubitz (25) has arguably overtaken the veteran Geisenberger (33). It seems hard to believe but the two-time Gold medalist is the favorite even with the hard charging youngster nipping at her heels.

It is not a secret that the mother has won everything in the sport and just wants to nab her third goal in this event. This is likely her last Olympic shot. Meanwhile, Taubitz is just beginning her run. Most forget that Geisenberger started her dominance in her age 25 year. Could this be a case of deja vu?

The feeling is that this may be the time of Taubitz. Again, the German has bested Geisenberger several times on the World Cup tour. She won the 2020 overall and the 2021 World Championship as well.

This is the time for Julia Taubitz to finally shine and edge out Geisenberger for gold. 


Julia Taubitz to win gold in Olympic Women's Singles Luge

Taubitz finally bests the dominant ladies' luger to take the top step on the podium.



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