Olympic Slalom Skiing Best Picks

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Olympic Slalom Skiing Gets a Boost From Mikaela Shiffrin

Olympic Slalom Skiing — Men’s and Women’s

So, CanadianBettingSites will be heavily on both slalom skiing events because of how close they expect to be. The men’s and women’s Olympic versions are both razor-tight. That is where the similarities end. For one, the women, more than likely, comes down to two. Whereas there are as many as five men who win their version of the slalom. Unlike the downhill or even giant slalom, the slalom comes down to technical fierceness. Speed plus the ability to keep going forward helps.

Some of the best online sportsbooks like Bet99 look at all the best bets ahead of these key Olympic events. Sports bettors looking to hammer in on these alpine skiing events should get in quickly. The women’s event takes place on Tuesday. The men’s occurs the following Tuesday.

Below, we have the numbers for the events. Take note, there will be a little more in addition.

Olympic Slalom Skiing OddsBet99
Women's Slalom
Petra Vlhova1.76
Mikaela Shiffrin2.34
Men's Slalom
Clement Noel5.60
Henrik Kristoffersen6.00
Manuel Feller6.20
Sebastian Foss-Solvag7.20
Lucas Braathen8.20

Women’s Olympic Slalom Skiing — Up The Shiffrin?

The biggest question going into the 2021-22 season was the health of Mikaela Shiffrin. She is the straw that stirs women’s skiing. She has 73 World Cup wins but a whopping 47 in slalom. There is just a quiet dominance with the American skier. It truly is unique. When she ups the intensity, there are few women that can match or even exceed that level.

Again, that unique fear and drive is something else. The closest woman that has in the slalom discipline is Petra Vlhova. Her approach is a little different. Vlhova has the look of someone who is worried about everything yet has ice in her veins. While Shiffrin took silver and bronze in giant slalom and slalom, Vlhova nailed the silver in the slalom but probably would have won if not for a late bobble.

The Slovak skier has won six world championship medals in all (one goal, four silver, and one bronze. It feels like this time around, the battle is between the two of them. Could anyone crash the party? There is one skier and that is Austria’s Katharina Lineberger (15.00). Lineberger beat the field at the world’s by a second in 2021. She has won two world championship golds and two slalom events on the World Cup Tour.

Take Shiffrin over Vlhova in a close one for the gold.


Mikaela Shiffrin to win gold in Women's Slalom

Shiffrin snags another gold medal



Men’s Olympic Slalom Skiing

A week after the Women’s Olympic Slalom Skiing event, the men take their turn on the Chinese course. The Men’s Slalom expects to be a jammed field. Also the course will be very technical according those who have taken runs on it. Even the training runs seen have revealed that the snow on this course is very fast. Gates could come up too quickly and bite even the best of slalom contenders.

No one expects Dave Ryding to shock the world and win another race as he did on the World Cup circuit. That was truly special and unexpected in every way. Currently, Clement Noel is the favourite but truthfully no one knows if even he will medal. There are no automatics in this field. With five skiers having numbers between 5.60 and 8.20, medals are certainly not guaranteed.

While Henrik Kristoffersen is always lurking, it may be Manuel Feller who could surprise as well. As we said, this is truly wide open. Consider that even Noel finished fourth in Pyongyang. The three skiers above him are either retired or not in a position to contend in Beijing. If Noel can stay focused, he carries a lot of value in what looks like a razor-thin race. So, what could happen in this Olympic Slalom race?

Our Men’s Slalom Skiing Pick

This was not easy but at CBS, our pick is Clement Noel in a skin-of-your teeth finishes.


Clement Noel to win gold in Men's Slalom

Noel takes the three steps needed for glory in Beijing.



Some Fun Olympic Women’s Giant Slalom Picks

IF the Women’s Giant Slalom does get knocked back a day or two due to windy conditions, consider the following. Petra Vlhova is at least worth a look to medal at 2.65. Lara Gut-Behrami could hit the podium at 4.30 as well. That is the thing with some events and again do not be surprised if Sara Hector barely medals or finishes out of the medal hunt.

The gamble for Gut-Behrami likely has no in-between. Either the rest works or this turns into an absolute disaster. Sofia Goggia at 17.00 to medal is a big long shot but could pay off. She could also DNF as well. That’s the problem with some of these skiers. This is truly high risk. Finally, take a look at these online NFL betting sites from Canada today.

Best Bets: Mikaela Shiffrin at 2.34 (Bet99) and Clement Noel (5.60) Bet99. Also, consider Katharine Liensberger as a longer shot at 15.00.

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