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The Olympics’ Men’s Ice Hockey took a turn when the NHL decided to not send their players to Beijing. It was not an easy decision and the IIHF probably was not happy. Given quarantine restrictions in China, the NHL may have had a point. Whether one agrees with that contention is different. Safety comes first. That being said, the show is clearly going on.

CanadianBettingSites takes a look at all the best bets ahead of one of the top Olympic events in Beijing. Sports bettors looking to get in on this Olympic action for the first time can check out our guide to the best online sportsbook reviews to learn all they need to know about hockey betting in Canada. That will serve as a baseline to get one ready to make some wagers.

Olympics Men's Ice Hockey OddsSports InteractionBet99
Russia Olympic Committee2.402.40
Czech Republic12.0212.00

Olympics Hockey Men’s Introduction

Simply, the Olympics Hockey from the men’s side got thrown two hard knuckle pucks. The first was the NHL pulling out but the second may just be this.

Again, this was from early on Thursday but given China’s strict quarantining guidelines, this is a significant wrinkle. Given the “taxi squads” and all the protocols, can the Russia Olympic Committee (ROC) team put together a full team. Then, the even bigger question is can the still be called a favourite to win the Gold?

Early Men’s Olympics Hockey Betting Trends

So far, the early Olympics Hockey betting trends for the men have not changed much. Even with the uncertainty, ROC has remained pretty steady around the range of 2.40 to 2.60. No other countries have moved up or down. Part of that reason may be since the Men’s Preliminary games open on Wednesday. There is time for anyone who tests positive and happens to be asymptomatic.

Unfortunately, no NHL players impacted Canada. The cold reality is that Team Canada is not the same heading into this tournament. Rosters had to be shifted on the fly and quickly. Unlike European countries such as Finland and Sweden, they did not have a proper training time. That is important in short tournaments like this. What makes this a more difficult tournament to gauge is that the best athletes are not there.

For those wondering, the gold medal game does not occur until Sunday, February 20th. Yes, that is the last day of the Winter Olympics.

Why The ROC Is A Favorite?

The Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) is a favourite because there are still some NHL players on this roster. Some notable players include Nikita Gusev, Mikhail Grigorenko, and Slava Voynov just to name a few. The other argument for the team is they got younger in goal. Their trio is probably considered the best in the tournament led by Alexander Samonov and Ivan Fedotov.

However, there is one player who was going to garner a considerable amount of intrigue.

More On The ROC

Now, some were surprised that Michkov was left off the ROC team. However, with stalwarts like Vadim Shipachyov, Kirill Marchenko, and even Artem Anisimov, it made some sense. The Russia Olympic Committee was going for some more experience mixed in given what other countries’ rosters have become.

Thankfully Shipachyov is fine as there were some concerns with the ROC’s best forward. With the country mostly set as far as its best players, the ROC remains a top choice to bet in a tournament devoid of top NHL talent. The 2018 gold medalists may have just as easy of a time repeating.

Sports Interaction

ROC to win the Olympic Gold Medal

The Russia Olympic Committee is expected to repeat once again as Olympic Champions



Olympic Hockey – What About Canada?

The Canada group is all the way down in fourth when it comes to the numbers. Would they have been the topic if NHL players had been sent? That is a great question. However, Canada is playing the hand they are dealt. Some pundits do feel they are a sleeping giant and could easily medal. Yes, most are higher in Finland and Sweden but it is hard to count Canada out. If they can make the gold medal game, one never knows as the ROC can always be a bit fickle. Canada’s mental resolve is key.

This is a club led by Eric Steal who brings much experience to Team Canada. It is partly why they have to be considered in Olympic Best Bets. Players like Mason McTavish, Josh Ho-Sang, and even Corban Knight add a little international flair. Now, Edward Pasquale and Devon Levi could be a surprise in goal as the duo could be the best 1-2 punch in this tournament when all is said and done. They can surprise anyone.

Best Bets: ROC (2.40) at Bet99, Canada (8.01) at Sports Interaction

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