Olympic Figure Skating Best Bets

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Nathan Chen Headlines Olympic Figure Skating

Olympic Figure Skating Takes The Ice

The top Olympic figure skating events are typically the Men’s, Women’s and Team Figure Skating medals.ย Some will argue and rightfully debate with the pairs, but usually, the three mentioned above provide the most firepower and occasionally some upsets. This may be an Olympics, barring something unforeseen, where the men’s and women’s single skater events go according to form. Scary concept! Right? Exactly. This does not mean there are some sneaky extra bets to be wagered on as well.

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In the meantime, let’s start with the Team Event and lead up to the men’s and women’s figure skating.

Olympics Figure Skating OddsSports InteractionBet99
Team Event
Men's Event
Nathan Chen1.361.38
Yuzuru Hanyu3.053.00
Yuma Kagiyama11.0011.00
Vincent Zhou14.0014.00
Women's Event
Kamila Valieva1.111.25
Anna Shcherbakova7.627.50
Alexandra Trusova9.489.50

Team Event

One of the biggest surprises of the early preliminaries was the United States taking an early lead over Russia and the world. The short program does not usually produce shockers like this. Arguably, Team USA was in contention to medal anyhow. However, this felt like ROC’s event to lose. The numbers dictate that it still could be the Russian Olympic Committee’s gold medal to squander.

Now, the problem is as the event concludes Monday evening, how will the rest of the team events go? The key will be the long programs. Can Team USA accumulate enough points to offset the dominance of the ROC women when it comes to that part of the team event The Americans topped the Ice Dance results as well in their short program. Again, the goal is simply to win the events that a team excels then try to poach points in other categories. If the American women can skate just well enough, gold could be in their reach.

The fun part is making a more modest bet on a larger number. In this case, the Russian Olympic Committee has two “lock” events and supposedly this is one of them. Our goal is to take the risk and Team USA at 3.75 on Monday evening.

Olympic Figure Skating – Nathan Chen Leads Men’s Singles

If the team event is any indication, Nathan Chen is on a mission to win the men’s singles gold medal.ย There was no other skater that came close. Not even the two Japanese stalwarts stood much of a chance to upend the American skater. After all, in 14 of the last 15 major competitions, Chen won gold. What bodes poorly for the rest of the world was this. Chen quipped after his team short program, “I am holding a little back for the men’s event later in the Olympics”.

While everyone looks at Nathan Chen and rightfully so,ย there is one sneaky bet to perhaps make as well. Keep an eye on Vincent Zhou, also of the United States. Zhou has been close to medaling in a number of events and even in the last Olympics in Pyongyang. For those that monitor such things,ย Bet99ย has some options to bet on who could medal (top-three result). One of them happens to be Zhou who is ranked third there (2.05) but fifth overall in the odds (14.00). There could be a little bit of value if Zhou’s number lengthens.

Simply, this is Nathan Chen’s gold medal to lose. Four years has led to this moment and the overwhelming cold composure is hard to not notice.ย Take Chen to bring home the gold for Team USA in Men’s Olympic Figure Skating.


Nathan Chen to win the gold in men's figure skating

Chen will secure his first gold medal over his rivals



Ladies Olympic Figure Skating – ROC Rout?

The ladies’ Olympic Figure Skating event could turn into a rout from the ROC. ย It feels like there is always a teenager from the Russia Olympic Committee that is a favourite. This time, it is Kamila Valieva. Honestly, she may just be 15 years old but the young skater casts a long shadow. That’s right. Valieva is an overwhelming top choice — more so than Nathan Chen to win gold. With that, comes a lot of pressure. Valieva will even skate in the team events to help her country.

Kamila Valieva is not expected to hold much back in her short program routine. Expect it to be a preview of what she does in the singles event almost to a tee. The real battle will likely be for the other medals but again, the Russian ladies are expected to dominate the Olympic Figure Skating women’s event. Some pundits doubt Valieva but her results on the world stage and ability make her shine above the competition.


Kamila Valieva to win women's Gold

Expect the ROC teenager to bring home the hardware to Moscow



Best Bets: Zhou to medal (2.05) at Bet99, Nathan Chen for Gold (1.38) at Bet99

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