Best PayPal online betting sites for Canadians


In this review, we are going over the best PayPal online betting sites for Canadians. Choice is an important factor when it comes to identifying the best sportsbooks around but it can come in many different forms. Yes, we want a range of markets but it’s also important to find a choice in a bookmaker’s infrastructure.

What are we talking about? Well, this can apply to customer services where players demand a number of ways to get in touch but it can also refer to funding options. For many punters, it’s all about having as many ways to deposit and withdraw as possible. Beyond standard Visa, Mastercard and bank transfers, we’re talking about eWallets.

PayPal is the biggest eWallet of its kind and while not all operators accept it as a form of payment, it’s a useful option to have when it does appear. If we only ever have one eWallet that we use to buy products and services online, it’s likely to be PayPal, so when a sportsbook does accept PayPal gambling this as part of their overall set of banking options, it’s a real bonus. Many PayPal reviews focus on the availability of this eWallet around the gambling world but there are other reasons why it is so useful.

How PayPal works

PayPal isn’t a bank but it does store your money safely and securely, ready to use at a choice of online retailers around the world. You can add money to your PayPal account by transferring directly from your bank in order to top up or, you can earn money through third party purchases – such as selling on eBay. If you don’t have money in your PayPal account, you can still pay for products and services, including the addition of funds to your sportsbook account.

All you need to do is link up a bank account and debit card to PayPal and the operator will deduct funds from your linked bank account.

Registering is simple and once your details have been filled in, you will need to link that bank account. None of these details are ever shared with the retailer so there is that initial level of security there.

When shopping online, millions of retailers now accept this provider and at the checkout phase, it’s likely that you will see a PayPal button. Click on this and when checkout is complete, you will have paid, either directly from your PayPal balance or from the bank account that is linked to it. It’s a simple way of funding a sportsbook account but what are the advantages of using PayPal betting services ahead of similar options?

Advantages of PayPal for Canadian players

One of the big advantages underlined by many PayPal reviews lies with its low fees. Unlike many of its competitors, there is no charge to make a purchase online because they make their money by charging the retailer. Withdrawals into your bank are also free and these are among the reasons why Canadian PayPal is so popular.

You should, however, just check to make sure that the sportsbook isn’t passing any charges on to you – the customer. This is rare among those websites that accept PayPal and it’s extremely unlikely to happen when using any of our recommended outlets but it’s a point worth checking.

Another clear advantage in PayPal gambling is that this is one of the longest-standing and arguably the biggest companies of its kind. That size alone should lead to trust. Customer service can be a little hard to access as it sits behind a wall of Frequently Asked Questions but once you find it, it should be fast and helpful.

Above all, in an age when we are all concerned about sharing our sensitive information online, the element of security that comes with paying via PayPal is extremely important. It’s true to say that security also applies to other eWallet funding options such as Skrill and Neteller but PayPal reviews show that its reputation tends to put it above the rest of its competitors.

When you add funds from your PayPal account to your sports betting account, none of your bank details are shared with the sportsbook. Sites that use PayPal only need to know that this eWallet is behind the transaction and that the funds have cleared. Added to that transactional security is the fact that PayPal applies serious levels of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security themselves. That’s a serious all round package and it makes the operator stand out from the list of eWallets.

Playing at online gambling sites that use PayPal

Firstly, make sure that your chosen sportsbook is among those websites that accept PayPal as a means of payment. In terms of PayPal gambling sites, they are very fussy about who they deal with so not all brands list them as a means of funding.

A quick way to check is to scan the bottom of the bookies’ homepage for a PayPal logo or you can just fire over a question to customer services to make sure. Alternatively, you can check to see if the sportsbook in question has a page dedicated to ‘payments.’ This will be particularly useful as it’s likely to list minimum and maximum transaction amounts, any potential fees that might apply, and the speed of each of those transactions.

Once that point has been established, the process for adding funds to your sportsbook account is the same as it would be for any retailer. Simply type in the amount that you want to deposit and then click to confirm. The funds will either come out of your Paypal account or the bank that is linked to it.

There is an alternative and, like a number of eWallets, PayPal allows some users to apply for a prepaid MasterCard. Only business users can apply at present but there is potential to add funds in this way. If you do have a prepaid card and would like to use it for your sportsbook, the process works in the same way as it would with any bank card.

Whatever action you take, the sportsbook should then save your details for faster processing next time. PayPal reviews underline the swift nature of making a deposit as well as the security element and this need for speed is matched perfectly.

Points to Note When Using PayPal

One important thing to remember when using PayPal betting sites relates to bonuses. Often, when a welcome bonus is on the table, an operator will insist that you use a bank card in order to qualify. Deposits made via funding options such as EWallets will generally be specifically excluded under the general terms and conditions.

It’s possible that there is an exception for those sites that accept PayPal because it’s not so easy to set up multiple accounts with this particular eWallet. The approach, in this instance, is to thoroughly check whether the operator will accept deposits via PayPal or if those transactions will render the offer null and void. Check the terms and conditions and speak to customer services if necessary.

Sites That Use Paypal

We’ve run you through a list of checks you can use when it comes to finding all of those websites that accept PayPal. To make that process a little easier, here are our recommended bookmakers that have PayPal on their funding list:

There is scope for this list to increase as time develops. Most sportsbooks will establish a list of banking options and it won’t change but some of the newer operators will develop and look to add to their roster moving forward. While it’s not essential to have PayPal on board for deposits and withdrawals, it can help a website’s credibility if they are on the list. We will, of course, look to update the above list as soon as there are any additions or other changes to be made.

Play in complete security using Paypal

We’ve mentioned that PayPal doesn’t share your details with retailers and that’s the first positive point to note in terms of security. At the very start of your account, it’s also possible to set up two-step authentication which is another big bonus when logging in online.

The site itself is secure and encrypted and PayPal also has a very fair compensation system in place for buyers who have fallen foul of rogue sellers. In the past, it’s even been known to offer rewards to white hat hackers who have found issues with the site so this is one portal that you should be able to use with complete peace of mind.

There are other benefits to using PayPal as a means of funding and they start with the question of fees. Unlike some smaller eWallet providers, you should not see any charges being applied to deposits or withdrawals that are made using this method. As mentioned above, it’s important to check with the sportsbook in question to see whether they apply fees themselves but in general, you should expect that your PayPal transactions are completely free.