Poker Deposit Methods for Canadians

To play poker online, you need money in your account. However, choosing a reliable, safe, and efficient deposit method can be challenging for many Canadians. The many challenges and changes have made some financial institutions uncomfortable with poker deposits. The good news however is that there are many other ways you can deposit cash into your account to play poker. Listed below are some of the best deposit methods to choose from:

Credit Cards

Credit CardsYou can use your Master Card or Visa card to make a deposit. Both cards are accepted at all online poker sites. Some banks however decline allowing the transfer of funds from their customer’s bank accounts to online poker sites due to security reasons. However, many banks have no objection and will allow the transfer.

Ask your bank whether they allow funds transfers to poker sites, if they do not you can get a credit card from a bank that allows such transfers and use it for that specific purpose.


ewalletAn e-wallet acts as an intermediary between your bank and web merchant. Some popular e-wallet transfer services include PayPal, instaDebit, Click2Pay, and entroPay. PayPal is the most popular e-wallet. Their charges are slightly higher compared to other e-wallets. PayPal works well with many poker sites. Click2pay offers debit cards that allow users to use money from their account.

Neteller deposits – This is a popular eWallet money transfer method that was previously used in almost all poker sites before they stopped accepting processing US payments. However, the option is still popular in Canada and Europe with a known history of protecting the financial details of players. With a Neteller account, you can deposit, transfer, and withdrawal funds. The option is accepted by all merchants who support Neteller. All you have to do is create an account with the service to be able to transfer funds into your poker account.

Bank Transfers

transferYou can fund your online poker account through a bank transfer. Some popular bank transfer services you can use include:

Wire transfer – You can fund your online poker account using wire transfer such as western union. Wire transfer is slightly expensive when transferring small amounts of cash compared to e-wallets. To make a wire cash transfer, you need to make a request your local bank for their unique transfer procedure.

eChecks – This includes writing a virtual check. With this option, all you have to do is fill your bank info in the cashier of your particular poker site and click confirm. The money is then credit to your poker account instantaneously. You will immediately see the cash go from your bank into your poker account. However, since many poker sites have to wait for the check to clear, you may not be able to access your profits immediately. Many poker sites work well with eChecks.

Citadel – This wire transfer option only works with a few selected banks. This option adds a layer of verification on to the traditional account-to-account wire funds transfer. Ask your poker site about this service before using it to ensure the site accepts the method.

InstaDebit – This option works as a hybrid between an eCheck and eWallet. The option allows the transfer of funds from your bank to your poker site securely. No personal details are transferred with this payment option making it secure and safe to use.

Other Methods

ukashUkash – Ukash allows safe, easy, and private payments online. Ukash Vouchers can be purchased from many local stores using cash. Once you buy an Ukash Voucher, you are given a PIN code, which you can use to pay instantly and directly. Using Ukash is just spending cash. You can fund your poker account without sharing your personal information. When asked about your preferred deposit method by your poker site, just choose Ukash option and then put the code and the amount of your voucher such as $ 10, $ 20 etc. You can buy your Ukash based on how much you intend to deposit into your online poker site.

logo-ecoaccountEcoAccount – An EcoAccount will allow you to transfer funds from your Account to your poker site. EcoAccount is a safe online account that comes with an Ecocard for secure online transactions. Once your Ecocard account is funded through your credit card or bank account, you can then instantly deposit funds to your favourite poker site.


There are many options when it comes to choosing a good Canadian poker deposit method, but in our opinion the best method is to choose one of the eWallers. An eWallet provides a flexible, safe, and fast way to fund and withdrawal funds, having a eWallet account is a good option for your poker deposit method.
Important tips to keep in mind when choosing a deposit method include:

  • Flexibility– Choose a method that gives you flexibility to deposit and withdrawal your funds. Some methods have some restrictions while others are a bit flexible. Consider all your options before choosing your option
  • Fast, stress free deposits– The ideal deposit method should allow you stress free and speedy deposits. Some deposit options may take days while others are instant. For instance with EChecks, you can deposit funds instantly but you are not able to withdrawal your profits for some days while the poker site clears the check. Ewallets such as PayPal and MoneyBookers allow instant cash deposits
  • Safety– You obviously need to make sure that the deposit option you choose is safe and secure. Some deposits methods such AS Ukash allow funds transfer without revealing your personal data while others such as eChecks will require you to fill in and transfer your details online
  • Personal taste and preferences– When all is said and done, it all comes down to personal preference. Make sure you are comfortable with the option you choose.

There are many Canadian Poker deposit options to choose from as discussed above. Make sure the option you choose is safe, secure and meets your individual preferences.