Hockey Night in Canada Picks – Valentine’s Edition!

On this Valentine’s day edition of Hockey Night in Canada there are a lot of great games taking place and many Canadian teams being matched up against their national rivals. See what each team has in store:

Edmonton Oilers vs. Ottawa Senators

The Oilers in a surprising upset beat the Habs in OT 4-3 at the Montreal Forum in front of a full house.Taking the lead early all young guns were shooting and put the Canadiens to the test. It was a fun game to watch but mostly likely an aberration, a tired Habs team more than anything else. Not far away in Ottawa the Sens lost to Pens in a shoot out. The game was very back and forth and it was hard fought by the Sens, but they just couldn’t beat the fire power the Penguins have in their line-up. With the bottom dwellers meeting up for a Saturday night match up, expect a fast paced game that’s high scoring.

Our Pick: Sens over Oilers at 1.588

Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Montréal Canadiens

In almost any other season this classic Original Six match up would be something to anticipate. The Leafs going into Montreal their cousin and rival team, and the fans going wild to see a game between one of the leagues greatest opponents. But this year the Leafs have fallen flat on their face, and with serious rumours going around that Toronto will be blowing up the team and doing a rebuild in the off season, the reaction of a loss to the Islanders 2-3 just became another sad story to heap in the pile of losses the Leafs have collected in 2015. Expect the Habs wanting to avenge their loss to the Oil in OT on the next team they lay their gloves and sticks on: Toronto is in for a bad beating, expect a low scoring and hard hitting game.

Our Pick: Toronto and Montreal tie with the Habs winning in OT or 5 and under goals at 2.19

Winnipeg Jets vs. Detroit Red Wings

The Preds just beat Jets in a 3-1 decision right after the team made a huge blockbuster trade which involved Kane going to Buffalo for Myers. With a huge culture and personnel change happening, the Jets have had a lot of drama and excitement off the ice to deal with. Re-organizing a team so quickly and adapting to play well against big powerful teams like the Red Wings is not going to be easy. Babcock always has his boys ready and disciplined. If the Jets can get the Wings to play their style of run-and-gun game this could be a wild one.

Our Pick: Winnipeg over Detroit at 2.40 or 6 plus goals

Vancouver Canucks vs. Calgary Flames

The Canucks are trying to turn their ship around in time to secure a strong position in the off season, after having a bad week, the found some success two nights ago in an important win over the Blackhawks in a dramatic OT 5-4. They were holding a 3-1 lead into the 3rd period and thought they had iced the game when Chicago came fighting back like they always do giving Vancouver a good scare. Lucky for them the Canucks came out with the 2 points in the end but realize more discipline is needed if they want to progress. On the other end, the Flames lost to the Kings in a disappointing 3-5 game, and will look to grab some points here and not make one loss into a streak. These long time West coast rivals should put on a good show.

Our Pick: Canucks over Flames at 2.15 or 6 plus goals