NHL Betting Preview: Saturday Night Games

team-canada-hockey-alternate-logoWith the season almost over, a few Canadian teams still have their playoff futures hanging in the balance. This should make for a great night of match-ups that could prove fruitful for the smart bettor.

Toronto @ Ottawa

The Leafs have been very gracious to other rival Canadian teams, gifting them all very much needed points in their run for playoff positions. They will meet the Sens three times before the season ends which means Ottawa has a great opportunity to benefit from Toronto’s generosity. The Leafs lost badly to San Jose on Thursday night, they simply cannot keep the puck out of their zone or out of their net. After a great win against Boston Thursday night winning 5-4, the Sens are confident and feel like destiny is on their side.

Our Pick: Sens over Leafs

Columbus @ Calgary

Thursday was a big night for the Flames who won over the Flyers, gaining 2 points putting them in 3rd place in the Pacific division. LA is only one point behind them, so Calgary will have to consider this a must win game if they want to keep their chances for post-season success alive. They have been playing very well of late and should be more relaxed at home when the Blue Jackets come-a-knocking. This should be a high scoring game.

Our Pick: Flames over Jackets, 6 plus goals

San Jose @ Montréal

The Sharks walked into Toronto on Thursday night and stepped all over the Leafs. With such easy domination, they will strut into Montreal with similar expectations but not quite the same results. Montreal beat the Canes 4-0 on Thursday night and will be ready for a big game on the weekend for the home crowd. Price should be in net, and the Habs who are now 4 points up on the Lightening will want to solidify their stranglehold on the Atlantic division. Expect a high scoring game with great chances on both ends of the ice.

Our Pick: Tie, Habs win in OT

Washington @ Winnipeg

Here is a real clash of two teams who have playoff positions and are wrangling to get higher up so they can win home-ice advantage. Both teams have won their last 3 games, and are flying high. Getting good goal-tending and with all lines firing, this should be a great game with skill and speed on display. The advantage will most likely go to the superstar Ovechkin’s team, as he is on an offensive role. Winnipeg won’t back down easy so this should be a one goal game.

Our Pick: Capitals over Jets