NHL Picks for Feb 12th 2015


Toronto Maple Leafs

Beat by the Rangers in a close game last night 5-4, the Leafs are surprisingly playing better hockey, the puck is simply not bouncing their way yet. The pendulum needs to swing and the Buds look like they are starting to get back up and get in the saddle. It won’t be an easy task with their next game in New York on the island facing the Isles who are coming off a nice win over the visiting Edmonton Oilers. Expect a close game that’s also high scoring, but not one the Leafs will be able to pocket. 

Our Pick: Islanders over Leafs

Montreal Canadiens/Edmonton Oilers

The Canadiens seem unstoppable this season in racking up the wins and solidifying their post season spot at the top of the Eastern conference. They were challenged last night by the high flying Philadelphia Flyers, taking the game to over-time but they still managed to pull out a win. Now they face the sagging Oilers who were just beaten by the Isles. The Oil will be dragging their feet coming into the Forum to face a tough crowd and an even tougher team. This should be an easy win for the Habs, and expect their back up goaltender to play. For that reason, it will probably be 6 and over goals.

Our Pick: Habs over Oilers or play 6 plus goals

Calgary Flames

The Flames beat the San Jose Sharks convincingly 4-1 on Monaday night and continue on their West Coast road trip by visiting the reigning Stanley Cup champions, the L.A Kings. Literally on a hot streak, they have won 7 of their last 10. The Kings have faltered a bit lately and are looking to get back on track. Look for the Flames to give the Kings a challenge at their Staples home arena. This game could easily go to shootouts.

Our Pick: Flames and Kings Tie or play Flames win in OT

Winnipeg Jets

Beating the Minnesota Wild on Tuesday night in over time was a great game to watch and the Jets seem like they are just getting their engines revving. Though the Preds are basically the best team in the NHL right now, with 78 points and winning 3 in a row, if anyone could suprise them it would be the dangerously fast Jets. They just completed a block buster trade though involving Evander Kane, and fitting those new players into their system so quickly to beat Nashville at home, seems unlikely.

Our Pick: Preds over Jets or play 5 and under goals

Ottawa Senators

The Sens are just coming out of a win over one of the worst teams in the NHL, the Sabres. That’s not much to say since the Sens are not doing that much better, 12 points out of a playoff spot. Hosting the visiting powerhouse Pens won’t be an easy task either since they are coming in after a huge win over the steely Detroit Red Wings. Look for a fast north-south game with a lot of shots on net, and powerplay goals.

Our Picks: Pens over Sens

Vancouver Canucks

Visiting the Wild on Monday night and losing to a resounding 3-5 score, the Canucks left Minnesota licking their wounds a bit. Playing a much smarter game against the Chicago Blackhawks last night leaves them better prepared for the big match at home against their previous Stanley cup rivals, the Boston Bruins on Friday. This match up is always exciting, hard hitting and full of goals. Expect Boston to start the game off fighting hard, but the Canucks should be able to stave them off with some strong defensive play for an overall low scoring victory.

Our Pick: Canucks over Bruins or play 5 and under goals