Best Online Sportsbooks’ Reviews

This website was set up with the view of helping Canadian bettors to fully understand the landscape surrounding the legalities within the country. There is nothing better to start with to go through our extensive list of sportsbooks’ reviews.

The gambling industry is highly regulated with lots of rules relating to what customers can and can’t bet on and it can be confusing without the right guidance.

Another issue for potential bettors is the relative lack of betting sites to bet with. The list of available bookmakers is smaller than in other parts of the world so we wanted to make sure our readers understand who they can bet with. Our reviews will make that clear on the designated sections of this site but that’s just part of the service.

What Sites Should I use for Online Betting?

Canadian gamblers may feel that they are overlooked by the industry but they do have options. However, just because a betting site is open to players in Canada, it doesn’t automatically mean that customers should sign up here. Our betting reviews will point readers in the right direction as to which of these best-betting sites come specifically recommended.

Benefits to look for include the ability to bet with $CAD. It makes it so much easier when this is in place because customers aren’t having to conduct complicated currency transfers in their heads. The use of local deposit and withdrawal providers such as iDebit and Instadebit will also be helpful so we will also consider the funding options that are in place.

All major sports should be catered for and it would also be useful if the online betting sites have a platform for casinos, poker and bingo games too. Offers and promotions are also good to have and we will look out for sportsbooks with the best deals.

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Sports Betting Sites that you can Trust

With a growing number of sports betting sites open to Canadian bettors, it is important to make sure that you are only using the operators that come recommended. We don’t want to just use any betting site simply because it’s open to Canadian players.

Readers will want to make sure that this is a top betting site. In addition to reading our reviews and recommendations, you can also check out our guides to online betting in Canada. They include information on legality and inside the country.

With a good choice of betting sites available, make sure it is a site that you can trust. You can trust any sportsbook recommended here at Canada Betting Sites as we only pick out the best.

Canadian Based Sportsbooks

These betting sites are either founded or owned by Canadians and they have their headquarters set up within the country. As you would expect from a home-grown firm, they all have a focus on Canadian customers and sports and they, therefore, have an advantage over their European rivals. Overseas sportsbooks have plenty to offer but it makes sense to check out Canadian sports betting sites first.

Sports Interaction

Founded in 1997, Sports Interaction is among the oldest gambling sites – not just in Canada but right across the globe. As the name suggests, there is the main focus on sports betting but, while using the acronym SIA, the operator offers extensive casino and poker play.

Customers can look forward to a service that is focused on Canadians and there is lots of choice and value here. Offers and promotions can change on a regular basis but there has recently been a generous welcome package and a host of ongoing bonuses.


This is another company with its base in Canada and they have a great reputation when it comes to fair play. Our reviews section will take you into greater detail but there is trust here in an operator that’s been around for a long time,

Bodog also provides lots of choices when it comes to betting markets and there are some very generous promotions to take advantage of.

European Based Sportsbooks

These top betting sites will be very familiar with any British readers that happen to come by here. The operators on this list are up there with some of the best-known names in European sports betting and, each of them has worked hard to make sure that they are available in Canada too.


Formed in 2000, Bet365 was one of the first companies to see the real potential of setting up as an online sportsbook. Bet365 has gained its reputation through the sheer volume of bets available. However, being European it does fall short in Canadian sports, but it offers a generous 100% bonus on deposits up to £100. Definitely one to look out for as we suspect it will not want to miss out on dominating the Canadian market as it is beginning to do in the UK.


Formed in 2007, when it comes to Betway, Canada based players should already have some knowledge of this betting website. Our dedicated Betway review goes much deeper than this brief section can but it has lots to offer players here.

As many other Betway reviews have pointed out, there is a focus on soccer which is the fourth most popular sport in Canada so that is a good start. The other popular options are all included so Betway Canada is a good choice if you want to focus on your favourite sports bets.

The betting site is also known for its excellent customer service which includes Betway live chat so this is a good all-round package with much to commend it.


SpinSports is one of the more recent arrivals on the market and they provide a strong platform for Canadian players. This betting site has a fresh look at it and it’s easy to navigate around and find your favourite markets.

Canadian sports are widely covered and there are special, regular promotions known as ‘spins’. These compliment a welcome bonus at the time of writing which can earn players a generous $200 in bonus funds.

William Hill

William Hill is probably the most trusted and well-established name in the UK Gambling Industry. In fact, you could almost say that it’s as British as tea and crumpets. William Hill tends to rely on their reputation rather than providing a load of flashy offers but there are some deals to enjoy here. A welcome bonus is likely to be in place by the time you come to sign up and there are ongoing promos for regular players too.

Further details can be found in our reviews section of the top betting websites but there is a feeling that William Hill could offer more in the way of Canadian sports.

There is a multitude of online sports betting sites to choose from and there are more on this list than we could possibly accommodate, so, for more information, please check out our detailed reviews. Ultimately, we can give you guidance but it is up to the individual customer to decide what they’re looking for. Perhaps your preference is to find a large welcome bonus, take advantage of it and then move on to the next sportsbook and do the same thing. Maybe you like to stick around and play with bookmakers that have a better choice of ongoing promos for existing customers.

Alternatively, it could be that choice is important in relation to sporting events. All of our recommended betting sites have something different but they are all to be trusted and that’s very important.

Here is the full list of sportsbooks. Remember that you can sign-up to every single one of them and collect their bonus offers:

We also published some in-depth casino reviews from our top sportsbooks partners:


Is Online Betting Legal in Canada?

The gambling laws that are in place in Canada can be confusing at times and if you are a resident and player here then you may be forgiven for stopping yourself and asking if what you are doing is actually legal. In broad terms, the good news is that everything is fine as long as you are following certain rules.

In 1970, legislation was passed that allowed individual provinces to pass their own laws relating to gambling. Obviously this was a long time before the internet came along but these regulations changed the landscape of gambling in Canada and they still have an important role to play in the digital age.

Many provinces decided that they were happy to allow their residents to gamble and this saw a significant increase in the number of casinos and racetracks being opened up around the country. Sports betting can, however, be something of a grey area as the rules apply a little differently to those which are found at the casinos.

Strictly speaking, sports betting is legal in Canada but it is restricted: Players are permitted to stake on three or more events in a Parlay bet but they are not allowed to place a bet on a single sporting event. Steps are being taken to remove this restriction but there is a loophole that will allow single bets and the reasons are purely geographical. Those with servers outside of Canada, such as the European betting sites, can accept single bets as the stake isn’t made in Canada and, this is entirely legal.

Furthermore, there are no restrictions on Canadians becoming customers of sports betting websites who are based in Europe or in any other country outside of Canada. There are, therefore, many legal options available for Canadians who want to place a bet online.

Canadians can enjoy the full range of betting options available in other countries without fear of arrest or prosecution.


Sportsbooks that Do Not Take Canadian Players

The below sportsbooks exist, they are legal, but, unfortunately, do not take Canadian players.

Defunct Sportsbooks

The below sportsbooks used to exist, but not anymore.

Blacklisted Sportsbooks

The below sportsbook is receiving a lot of complaints from players that are having trouble to cash out and to contact them. We strongly advise not to sign-up to the below.

Best Online Sportsbook FAQs

What sports can be bet on?

Well, this really depends on what the user wants to bet on with the sportsbook provider they’re using. Typically, most sportsbooks cover similar sports markets, those being the main leagues across the world. As well as that, there are also always more niche betting markets offered to users. Ultimately, it’s down to the user and what they want to bet.

How old do I have to be to bet online?

In order to bet online in Canada, users must be at least 19 years old. This is the minimum age required to bet legally online with any of the providers.

When will I receive my winnings?

This is a common question among sportsbook users, but one that can only be answered based on the withdrawal times of the payment method the customer has used. Typically, withdrawals take between 1-5 days. However, some payment methods are much quicker and can take less than an hour. Always check with the payment method you are using.

Is online betting addictive?

This question really does depend on the person involved. For some, gambling online is something they do for fun and adds to the entertainment of sports, by placing a small wager now and again. While, for others, it’s quite different, with certain individuals getting hooked and playing far too much. It’s quite subjective.

Who regulates the online gambling industry?

There are regulators based all over the world, with some of the major locations being in the Caribbean and others in Malta. For Canada, the online regulator is the Canadian Gaming Association, which is a non-profit organization that strives to promote value to the gaming industry in Canada.

What is an online betting license?

For any operator to start offering odds online, they must first obtain a license to do so through a regulated body. Once they have their online betting license they will be registered to provide online betting services. It’s imperative that any sportsbook a bettor is considering depositing with has one.

What personal information do I need to reveal?

This is another question that cannot be answered accurately with generalities. However, for the most part, bettors don’t need to reveal their personal information beyond a few basic details such as name, date of birth and country of residence. While these criteria changes from one sportsbook to the next, this covers the core requirements.

How do I join a betting site?

Joining betting sites is as easy as can be. As you can probably imagine, sportsbook providers do all they can to ensure bettors have access to the odds. On any site, there will be a clear area to login/join. Click that and go through the signing up process and that’s all there is to it.

Which is the best betting site?

This is a question that is highly subjective and one that isn’t easy to answer. To give one specific betting site that is the best is difficult to do. We would suggest reading our review of the top-rated sportsbooks in operation and see which one is of interest to the bettor.

Is it important that a site is regulated?

For any bettor looking for a new site to start betting with, we must insist that they should be looking to deposit and play with a regulated online provider. It’s very risky and unreliable to start wagering with a company that is unregulated. Every decent sportsbook will seek to obtain regulatory standards.