5Dimes Review

When it comes to writing a 5Dimes review, it is easy to find so many positive things to write about them. This company has a great reputation, reliable customer support, a user-friendly website and offers great bonuses for bettors looking for some free cash. As the company continues to grow, the software, bonuses and benefits can only get better. The network has really grown over the last few years and could be one of the leading players in the industry in the years to come.

5Dimes.com has a simple interface that every betting enthusiast will like. For the last few years, the company has grown greatly not because of huge advertising budgets, but because of referrals. As the majority of new players sign up because of positive reviews or recommendations from their relatives and friends, 5 Dimes makes a good first impression, with a simple SignUp process that asks for only basic information. You will not be required to submit any documents after registration, only if you are ready for the financial commitment.

5Dimes is one of the few betting websites that accept both expert and recreational players. They serve both by providing low juice lines – or accounts – plus overnight accounts for almost all events and they stand out because they accept a variety of parlays. In addition, they allow tease half-time lines, an option that is often hard to find elsewhere. The 5Dimes live lines are what makes them stand out from the rest, offering a great range of live betting markets.

For recreational bettors, 5Dimes provides different bonus packages, ranging from big-match bonuses to 15% cashback on losses.

Placing a Bet

5 Dimes has an idiot-proof website that is easy to navigate, even for those who are not technically savvy. It is deliberately designed that way to ensure anyone can place a bet without any problems. In any case, picking a winner is always hard, so why complicate matters with complex software? Instead, it has a clear point-and-click approach that makes betting on the 5Dimes lines an easy experience for everyone.

Obviously, the main advantage of this approach is that the loading times are completely eliminated. Even with a poor connection, you can easily place your bets. There is also a dedicated mobile site, but it is basically the same website.

Variety of Betting Options

5Dimes Canada provides you with several betting options. Low juice, alternate lines, futures and props are all available.

While the sportsbook will not thrill you with its appearance, it’s simple and accessible to every betting enthusiast. The website is straight to the point, with no complicated interface. You will find a range of betting options on almost all major sporting events. In addition to baseball, NHL hockey, basketball and NFL football, you will find excellent options for virtually all soccer leagues on the planet. Also available is boxing, cricket, golf, racing, tennis, water polo, martial arts and lacrosse. Moreover, there are fun options such as a presidential election and international awards like the Oscars.

5 Dimes provide live betting on a number of popular televised matches of the leading sports games and have a huge number of live wagering options available.

Deposit Options

5Dimes.com provides as many deposit and withdrawal options of any book available out there. Anyone with an account with a third party payment company will most likely find it easy to deposit/withdraw with 5Dimes. They accept eWalletXpress, Click2Pay, and NETeller.

If you don’t have an account with any of these payment processors and still don’t want to get one, there is no problem; the 5Dimes sportsbook still provides a number of depositing options for your account. All the deposit options offered are free and they include wire transfers and electronic checks. There is also the choice of sending cash through a service akin to MoneyGram or Western Union. All you need to do is to contact their customer support staff on the phone or via online chat for assistance on how to deposit your cash to the 5Dimes sportsbook. The least amount that you can deposit is $50. Making the book even better, 5Dimes Canada is currently allowing clients to make their deposit using Visa debit cards or Visa credit cards.

When it comes to withdrawals, there are generally the same options available with this sportbook as there are for deposits. However, the site charges a small fee whenever you want to cash out with them. The advantage is that you will still get one free withdrawal every month, so you can avoid these charges by planning well. In addition, if you are able to make your withdrawals through MoneyPak, you can get free withdrawals at all times.

Bonuses and Promos for Canadians

5Dimes offers a great program for bonuses and promos for Canadian clients. This is a major advantage of this book because there are many options to personalize your account to suit your needs and expectations. The three major options for your 5Dimes account are reduced juice, cashback and higher bonuses.

The low juice option is designed for those who appreciate the significance of paying less for each bet. This account offers cheaper bets on virtually every money line available.

If you go for the bigger bonuses, you will receive the regular line, although you will get a 20 to 50% free play to use in the book. This percentage is determined by the deposit method you choose as well as the total amount of money you decide to deposit.

The cashback program is similar to betting insurance. You will not get low juice of huge bonuses when you make your deposit; instead, you will receive a 15% money-back guarantee on various losses twice each year.

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, 5Dimes are up there with the very best in the industry. To begin with, they are easy to talk to. They operate 24/7 so you can pick up the phone and speak to their customer service staff at any time. Their phone numbers are shown on the homepage and they always encourage you to call them whenever you need help. In addition, you can use the live chat and email options to contact them at any time.

The Final Verdict

5Dimes has a great reputation in the industry and does everything perfectly well in each category. They are dependable, honest and provide you with a range of betting options. Betting at 5Dimes.com can be a great experience for anyone and you have peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with one of the most respected names in the sports betting industry.

Pros & Cons

  • done Low Juice
  • done Good Range of Betting Options
  • done Professional Service
  • close Website is very basic