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Tennis Betting GuideAs more Canadian tennis players make a name for themselves in the game, tennis is growing in popularity in Canada. The growth in the popularity of the sport, and the lack of the ability to bet on sport using a provincial sports betting lottery, means the demand for quality tennis betting sites is at an all-time high.

Bettors in Canada are looking for places to bet on the sport and to learn more before they bet. If you are one of those people, then you have come to the right spot. On this page, you will find everything you need to know and all the best online sites to bet on tennis.

Where to Bet on Tennis in Canada?

As tennis is truly a global sport, with events held in dozens of countries, online tennis betting sites from all over the world offer tennis betting odds. Now, if you are a Canadian bettor looking for a great site, we list a few of our favourites below.

As the first online sportsbook regulated in Canada, Sports Interaction is always a great choice for Canadians. They know that the popularity of tennis in Canada is on the rise – due to the influx of Canadian stars – and offer competitive odds on tennis.

SportsInteraction offers a superb range of tennis bets. Every event is covered from the ATP tour to all the Grand Slam events. There is a great number of future markets available and every individual match has multiple betting options. One of the best things about Sportsinteraction is the stats centre.

When betting on individual matches you are provided with a comprehensive rundown of every aspect of player form, history and ranking. This will allow you to assess the players’ abilities at different venues and on various surfaces. It really makes the decision-making process very simple and gives a real helping hand when placing your bet. Odds at Sportsinteraction are sharp and although prices on favourites aren’t overly generous, SIA odds tend to be higher on outsiders. The site itself is easy to navigate and simple to use.

Canadian customers are fully catered for and there are many banking options available. There is an excellent live betting section which even throws in some extra ‘specialty’ bets with enhanced odds. In-play odds are refreshed on every point scored meaning you will never miss out. On signing up you will be eligible for a 100% bonus and you can start collecting winnings on this following the tenth rollover.

Their customer service department is very helpful and can be contacted through phone, email and online via live chat which is in operation 24/7. All in all Sportsinteraction (SIA) offers a great tennis betting experience and is definitely a site that should be checked out.

If you are looking to grab a great welcome bonus to use to bet on tennis, checking out Bodog is a smart move. They match up to $200 on your first deposit at a very reasonable five times rollover. You can use that bonus to bet on pre-match odds, tennis futures, and live tennis markets.

If you love to watch tennis and jump in on the action matches progress, then we recommend you give Bet365 a tie. They have an extensive amount of live markets on tennis as well as live streaming.

When it comes to tennis betting there can’t be many that better Bet365. They are famous for their wide range of bets, but when it comes to tennis they excel themselves. Every (and I do mean every) event is covered, from Grand Slam to obscure regional tournaments.

Within these tournaments, every match is covered and within these matches, every point is covered. It’s a stunning array of betting lines. If that wasn’t enough their coverage of future events is equally comprehensive. It’s fair to say that Bet365 covers more tennis lines than any other site I’ve seen on the web. It really is an astounding list. When it comes to betting in-play,

Bet365 keeps up this high standard. It has an extensive line in betting with the added bonus that there are many live streams available also. This live streaming isn’t just available for the major events, but for many of the smaller tournaments also.

Their mobile site is excellent also with the same number of bets available as on their main site and live streaming is available on the go as well. Their odds are competitive. Maybe not as good as Pinnaclesports, but certainly good enough to ensure you don’t miss out on any value. They have numerous banking options and their customer service department is up there with the best of them. Bet365’s stats centre is extensive also. You can look at any player competing in great depth and this adds to the immersive feel of the site. I can’t find any fault with Bet365’s tennis betting and have to conclude that for betting options there is none better. A truly excellent tennis betting portal.

Customers looking to bet on tennis are spoiled for choice. Obviously it is one of the most popular sports in the world and this is reflected in the betting lines available. It’s not often you find a sport where just about every angle is covered, but whether you want to bet on Wimbledon or the Belarus Open you will be able to find a site that covers what you are looking for.

Added to that are operators who are based elsewhere but still tick all the relevant boxes and they might include Betway, 888Sport and William Hill.

Types of Tennis Bets

As tennis is one-on-one or two-on-two sport with essentially one possible outcome (one side wins, the other side loses), the total number of markets on tennis is not quite as extensive as the total number of markets on a National Football League game or a soccer match. Still, there is enough action on matches and tournaments to make betting on tennis is fun and rewarding activity.

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Match Winner

The most popular bet on tennis is what players will outright win a match. The odds on match winners have a large range at the start of tournaments – when unseeded players take on all-time greats – but tighten up and offer better value as the tournament progresses. If you want to get better odds on heavy favourites, you can parlay them – with some sportsbooks allowing you to bet on up to a dozen tennis matches at once.

Tennis Props

Every tennis match offers a handful of tennis prop bets. Tennis prop bets range from who will win the first set, to over/under bets on total matches, to best of total sets bets (i.e. Player A beats Player B 3-1 in a five-set match). Prop betting on tennis offers some great value, especially in the earlier rounds when you will find many large favourites.

Tennis Futures

Tennis futures are pretty straightforward, as they are generally only available on the winner of a tournament. However, as tennis tournaments have up to 128 players, the odds on tennis futures are great – especially on women’s tennis which has been more competitive over the last decade.

Tennis Betting Tips

To help you bet on tennis, we have a few useful tips below. Things to consider and strategies to employ when you bet on tennis.

The Player and the Type of Surface

One part of tennis that makes it a unique sport is the fact that matches are played on different surfaces. The type of surface dictates the ball speed and bounce. Because there are differences, certain players excel more on certain surfaces.

For example, Rafael Nadal is known for his exceptional play on clay. His ability to play on clay has helped him win a record 12 French Opens (compared to seven total wins at the three other Grand Slams). Knowing how a player plays on a surface is key if you want to have success betting on tennis.

Hedging with the Underdog

Because of the sheer size of many tennis tournaments (over 100 players in the biggest ones), the odds on some underdogs are quite substantial (+5000 to sometimes more than +50000). That means you can always sprinkle a little extra on a few underdogs you like and come up with a profit if the favourite you take (with a larger bet) or any of the underdogs win.

This strategy works better on women’s tennis, which is more competitive than men’s tennis (which has been dominated by three players over the last decade).

Know the Head-to-Head Results

Like any other sport, some teams, or in tennis’s case players, are just better against some opponents than others. Checking their previous results such as where they won and the score of their matches will only help you make better tennis bets.

Know About Injuries

While some people may view tennis as a leisurely sport, if you play it competitively, you know the toll it can take on a body. Injuries are common in tennis and can easily cause players to miss tournaments or drop out of matches early. It is also good to know if a player is coming back from an injury. Sometimes, a player may rush back to play in a Grand Slam, only to reaggravate their injury and withdraw from the tournament.

The Risk and Reward of Betting Early

You will notice tennis futures open quite early on the Grand Slams, often before the whole field is set. As it gets closer to the start of the tournament, especially once the draw is set, the odds will change. Betting early has some risks and rewards. The reward is a player you bet early gets an easy draw and offers much less value at the start of the tournament. The risk of betting early is where a player becomes a bigger underdog because he is bracketed against much tougher competition and opponents, he does not have much success against.

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Canadian Tennis Events

Canadian Open

The Canadian Open is the third oldest tournament in the world of tennis and is the main focal point for the sport inside the country. It was first held way back in 1881 and in the present day, the venue alternates between Montreal and Toronto.

This is the busiest time for Canadian bookmakers because the wider tennis betting community also starts to take an interest in the sport. All of the main markets will be made available and they start with a futures bet on the tournament winner which will open several months before the event takes place.

Match betting for each game will also be released and there will be more prop bets available for the Canadian Open than for any other tournament inside the country. It can be surprising for many punters to learn that Canada hosts one of the oldest tennis tournaments in the world and it shows that there is a big following for the game here. Markets for other Canadian events will also be available but this is by far the busiest time for the online sportsbooks.

Other Tennis Events

Tennis has four major events on its calendar which are referred to as Grand Slams. In date order, they are the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. Whenever any of these events come around, the best players ensure they are as fit and prepared as possible and we can be certain that all tennis sportsbooks will be at their busiest with an extensive choice of lines.

The year-ending ATP Tour Finals also attract interest while for team events, countries play for the prestigious Davis Cup. In addition to the big tournaments that we’ve mentioned in this section, there are events on the men’s ATP and the women’s WTA Tours throughout the calendar year so punters should never be short of an event to bet on.

Tennis FAQs

How to bet on Tennis in Canada?

As provincial sports lotteries such as Pro-Line do not offer odds on tennis, there is only one way in Canada to bet on the sport – using an online sportsbook. However, you should view that as a positive, as online sportsbooks offer great odds and plenty of markets on tennis matches from all over the world.

Where can I bet on Tennis in Canada?

Every site that accepts Canadian players offers odds on tennis. We list the best sites to bet on tennis on this page, so you do not have to search through the many options available to find the best tennis betting sites.

Is live betting available on Tennis?

Yes, live betting is available on tennis. The most popular live betting markets on tennis are who will win the next game, the next set, and the match.

Is betting on Tennis legal?

Yes, Canadians can legally bet on all their favourite tennis players and events.

What are the most popular bets on Tennis?

The most popular bet on a tennis match is who will win. The next most popular bet is tennis futures on who will win a tournament. These bets are especially popular when betting on Grand Slam events.

Can I parlay multiple Tennis bets?

Yes, you can parlay multiple tennis bets. However, the bets must be from different matches, not multiple bets from the same match.